Video First Drive: Meet the Renault Zoe


If Renault’s prediction is accurate, then the electric Zoe will soon take control of Europe’s electric vehicle segment with relative ease.

Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe

Zoe is priced well within the budget of most potential buyers.

Zoe boasts ample range for most European drivers.

It’s wrapped in an attractive body that neither screams “I’m electric,” nor bores like most econoboxes.

Zoe zips off the line…and does oh so much more.

In this video, Renault skims over several features unique to Zoe, while still providing most of the vital specs.   Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll discover in this video from Renault:

“ZOE is the first (?) car to be designed from scratch as an all-electric model, and comes equipped with a wide range of innovative technology. The car’s electric motor has 220 NM (162 pound-feet) of torque and can take the car from 0 to 50 KPH (31 mph) in just four seconds. Meanwhile, the Range OptimiZEr programme has extended the distance the ZOE can travel to make it the first production vehicle with a rated range of over 200 KM (124 miles).  Renault’s Chameleon charger can fill the battery to 80% in just thirty minutes.”

More specs (and a video of the Zoe being assembled) can be found here.

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Interested folks might like to also view this first drive of the Zoe, probably done at the same launch. A little different in presentation style, but it does cover some additional aspects.

Copied a lot from the Volt design; power flow graphics, “My Zoe Connect”, etc.

I hope they sell a million of these.

Lifetime battery warranty is nice

…and paying lifetime battery fees…

you will always have to pay for batteries, they are wear items.. like tires.

Narrator has not seen a Model S 🙂

Best *affordable* EV they’ve ever seen.

I’m in the hospital, c-section may be tonight. All is well so far, but would appreciate prayers for a safe delivery, and also for strength because I am a tremendous wimp when it comes to pain and will need to undergo some unpleasant things involving tubes and large needles before the surgery. Thank you!