Video: Meet Ed…Ed is Safe…Safer Than Skydiving That’s For Sure


The Smart Fortwo Electric Drive, known and referred to as ED by Smart’s marketing team, is safe.

Tridion Cell Makes Ed Safe

Tridion Cell Makes Ed Safe

The NHTSA recently confirmed the safety of ED by giving it 4 stars overall in crash testing and now Smart is reinforcing that with this latest video focused solely on safety.

It’s often believed that a tiny vehicle the size of a Smart can’t be safe.  That’s not true and Smart wants us all to know that safety is indeed a priority:

“Feel safe in the all-new electric car from smart with advanced smart car safety features. The smart electric drive’s tridion safety cell and crash management system provides advanced electric car safety. Experience all the benefits of the energy efficient, fully customizable, and just plain fun, smart electric drive.”

We rather like Smart’s quirky commercials.  They’re a break from the norm and are enjoyable to watch.  How can you make safety a fun topic to cover?  With ED it’s easy.

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5 responses to "Video: Meet Ed…Ed is Safe…Safer Than Skydiving That’s For Sure"
  1. Tom A. says:

    Now, whenever I see a claim about a safe car…I am reminded of the Tesla Model S, and I can’t help but think…seriously, 4 stars?!? You call yourself an automaker?


    1. Audi RS5 says:

      tesla is twice the size and smart is plastic

  2. Audi RS5 says:

    only dumbass people think a smart isnt safe, fools

  3. Jesse Gurr says:

    I just saw the new Smart ED commercial on TV today and it is already on youtube. I found it pretty funny. I liked it.

    Enjoy ;D

    1. Jesse Gurr says:

      Oh I probably should mention that it is a different video than what is shown in this article.