Video: McLaren P1 Laps Nurburgring in Less Than 7 Minutes


In September, the Porsche 918 Spyder set an official Nurburgring lap time of 6 minutes 57 seconds.  That time put the plug-in Porsche at the top of the list for fastest lap ever by a production vehicle at the Ring.

P1 Lapping Nurburgring

P1 Lapping Nurburgring

In steps McLaren with its plug-in hybrid P1.

McLaren has claimed for some time now that it would post a P1 lap ’round the Ring that would show the world that Porsche is not destined to remain on top.

Well, it’s believed McLaren failed to beat the Porsche’s time, despite several known attempts at lapping the Ring in the P1.

Now, McLaren claims its P1 has “achieved its target of a sub-seven-minute lap around the Nürburgring,” according to Autocar.

As Autocar explains:

“The manufacturer has confirmed the hypercar completed its 12.9-mile lap at an average speed of more than 111mph. Theoretically, an exact 111 mph average speed over 12.9 miles would take about 6 min 59.17 sec.”

“However, McLaren hasn’t revealed the exact time of the run. The Porsche 918 Spyder set a 6 min 57 sec lap time in September, which was verified on video.”

So, it seems that the Porsche 918 Spyder is likely still the top dog at the Nurburgring.  But perhaps McLaren will release an official time showing us that the P1 is tops.  We doubt it though and we’d be willing to bet that if McLaren does top Porsche, than Porsche will once again put its 918 Spyder back on the track.

Autocar quotes McLaren’s chief test driver, Chris Goodwin, as saying this of the lap in the P1:

“The track is like the rollercoaster from hell. However, the car feels balanced and poised throughout, and inspires you to push on with the levels of grip and all-round ability.”

“With a car this fast, stability is just as important as ultimate grip, and some of the bumpiest sections of the track are also the fastest.”

Source: Autocar

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I wonder when they will use robotic drivers to improve the time 🙂

and this stunt by McLaren is lame. being coy with the time is bs.
If they went faster than 7 yet a bit slower than porsche then that’s plenty good for starters. just say they want to improve the time a bit so they can beat porsche. 1 or 2 seconds is largely unimportant. And easily fixed with some aero rims.. apropos.
Video mirrors would no doubt be a few more seconds, maybe even several.

roughly the same time as porsche means they save face. being coy is lame though. that’s weak sauce.