Video: Latest Chevy Volt Ad “Silent Anthem” Builds Upon Original “Find News Roads” Commercial


“With the Chevrolet Volt, gas and electricity have come together to create a new driving experience. It’s the best of both worlds—an extended-range car, with electric when you want it, and gas when you need it.”

Chevy Volt Draws Deer Near

Chevy Volt Draws Deer Near

That’s how Chevy pitches its Volt in its latest ad spot, titled “Silent Anthem.”

Surely the Volt doesn’t always operate in silence, so were not entirely sure of GM’s choice of titles, but we’re glad to see that adorable mechanical/robotic dog that we so loved after its first appearance in Chevrolet’s original “Find New Roads” anthem.

What’s “Silent Anthem” pitching to us?  Well, as we see, this spot says that the Volt is the quintessential family vehicle that’s at home in the wilderness and is a deer-hunters dream machine deer magnet.

We’re not so sure this latest spot works to sell the Volt, but it sure is pleasant to watch.

Video note: Original “Find New Roads” spot posted below.

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15 responses to "Video: Latest Chevy Volt Ad “Silent Anthem” Builds Upon Original “Find News Roads” Commercial"
  1. David Murray says:

    I think this commercial sucks. The Chevy Volt is probably the most misunderstood vehicle of all time. If they’d just make a 30 second commercial explaining how the car actually works and how it can be a daily electric car and yet switch over to gasoline in the event you run out of power….. I think that would go a long way to making some sales.

    Here’s an ideal commercial. Show a guy in a suit unplugging the car and leaving his garage. Have a narrator explain how he drives his Volt to the office and back every day with electricity only. But then show him get a phone call saying the meeting has been moved to another city. The guy on the phone asks if he can make it since it is 300 miles away. The Volt driver says no problem and takes an exit on a busy highway heading off to a different city. Then have the narrator explain that as the Volt’s battery is used up, it will instantly switch over to gasoline allowing the car to drive as far as it needs to go.

    Wow.. wouldn’t that help explain to people how the Volt works? I drive a Volt and I get asked a lot of questions. Nobody seems to understand it. Some people think it has a 38 mile range and then you are dead in the water. Other people think it is just a hybrid like the Prius. Its really annoying.

    1. David Murray says:

      Oh, and one more thing.. I’d follow that up with a quite advertisement of the lease price so people understand they can afford one.

    2. GeorgeS says:

      Yup David.
      Another bad Volt commercial.
      What’s with that stupid oil derrick on her tablet??

      1. Jay Cole says:

        …maybe not such a good idea to get ride of ad guy Joel Ewanick after he tied GM with Manchester United for 7 years. It is still early, but Chevy seems to be getting a lot of bang for their buck out of their first year with the club.

        I’m not sold on the new ad program overall myself.

    3. Bonaire says:

      “Electric Near, Gas Far” – make a commercial around that.

    4. Open-Mind says:

      A very touching, expensive, yet pointless commercial that will not sell a single Volt. IMHO … complete failure. The only thing that could have made it worse … someone getting hugged by a polar bear. 😉

  2. Spin says:

    I really like the look of the new Impala

  3. GeorgeS says:

    David Quote:
    “Wow.. wouldn’t that help explain to people how the Volt works? I drive a Volt and I get asked a lot of questions. Nobody seems to understand it. Some people think it has a 38 mile range and then you are dead in the water. Other people think it is just a hybrid like the Prius. Its really annoying.”

    What’s worse is that, where I live, people don’t even notice it. They just think it’s an Impala or a Malibu….and ,on the rare occasion I do get a question it’s usually one that shows how confused the public is about the car.

    1. vdiv says:

      It begs the question is that confusion intentional. Can GM after being in the auto business for a century be really so inept at selling cars and building brand identity.

  4. Priusmaniac says:

    By the way, there is still no Flex-Fuel engine proposed for the Volt that could make it run on longer trips with bioethanol to make it really petrol free. Or is there one?

    1. David Murray says:

      No there’s not and I doubt seriously that would matter much to the average Volt buyer. The idea is to drive on EV as much as possible. And when EV is not available you’d probably want to take advantage of the most abundant fuel possible, which is gasoline.

  5. James says:

    @ Jay Cole

    I gotta tell ya – it may make more sense than meets the eye.

    We all should know that major manufacturers whose bread-and-butter
    is gasoline, high profit margin cars really have their hands tied in selling
    a car that makes their breadwinners look bad. See Tesla’s ongoing
    battle with dealers – Texas’ dealer association says – “heckfire, just
    put them battery cars next to diesels and hybrids – they’ll sell!”.

    Not really, because the current model – even with many GM dealers
    is to use Volt as bait to sell EcoCruzes and Malibus. Tesla points out
    that an electric car needs outlets to showcase the car and it’s attributes
    that make it different from those cars. TV or magazine spots can’t
    down the moneymakers to sell Volts or SparkEVs.

    Toyota’s model worked. You can see how they struggled adwise – if
    you go back in history, gen1 Prius and the glass-ceiling-braking gen2
    were initially sold in ads like GM’s one above. They went the eco-route,
    the global warming, wind turbine, sunshiney day route. They had to.
    What I’ve realized is that if automakers really told Americans what
    advantages ( low servicing costs – no gas on most commutes ) Volts
    or EVs have – people would look down upon their legion of gas-sucking
    pigs. We can’t have that, now, can we?

    So they are left with a very tiny set of options – the greenie, eco route
    is nearly the only way they can reach a certain subset of buyers w/o
    making their other products look nasty.

    Example: You put a Tesla Model S 60kwh next to a loaded XTS
    Caddillac – hey….NOBODY’d be looking at the Caddy dinosaur,
    would they?

    I think Prius succeeded by people seeing them on the road, and
    learning themselves how they worked. Greenies only account for
    a tiny slice of the consumer pie, the majority just want to save
    on gas and expense.

    Volt’s hurdle in following the gradual, then huge momentum of
    success of Prius is basically – price and seats 4. Plus – Toyota
    had the reputation of quality that GM needs a few more years
    to gain.

    1. James says:

      Note: Not sure if they’re on YouTube, but remember the Prius
      commercials with the folks sitting in the car in the jungle ( rainforest? )
      and monkeys crawling all over the car kissing it? It was pathetic. But
      look where Prius is today!

      Some YouTube searching finds the 3rd gen Prius being looked over
      by Blue Man Group!!!! HAHA!!!! Now, you KNOW they didn’t come cheap…
      but those ads never surfaced on U.S. television…. big expense, no go.
      What was the message of three bald men painted in blue silently looking
      over the inside and outside of a Prius — WHO KNOWS?!!!!
      Toyota finally opted for really weird ads with hundreds of people
      dressed as the sun…..hmmmm….driving through vast green cornfields.

      I think I recently read that the Prius brand has sold over 4,000,000

      I much preferred the simple customer testimonial Volt ads —– And
      what’s up with the history of oilfields on the girl’s tablet???!!!!
      Remember – these ad agencies get millions for this stuff!

    2. VFanRJ says:

      So true. I had to go to 3 Chevrolet dealers before finding one interested in selling me a Volt. The car is truly amazing but the go-to-market through their dealers isn’t working.

  6. James says:

    Prius made of sticks TV ad:

    Sunny cornfield Prius TV ad:

    Sunny green eco happy verson II:

    Toyota Prius Blue Man Crew Ad ( too weird, must see ) :

    Note: I couldn’t find the 1st gen Prius with monkeys in the rainforest ad –
    if you never saw it, you’ll have to take my word for it. With these examples,
    it shouldn’t be a stretch. – JM

    I think if you build a better mousetrap, they will come… Given GM’s
    reputation and Volt’s high sticker price with 4 seats …. The 2nd gen EREV
    could make or break the Voltec franchise.

    Volt seems to be following Prius’ history to the T…. Even down to the TV

    Being that Toyota has sold 4,000,000 Prii – this could be a good sign for GM.