Video: Jumpstarting a Tesla Model S


So, your Tesla Model S’ battery went dead, what shall you do?

Model S Gets a Jumpstart

Model S Gets a Jumpstart

Well, if it was that high-voltage pack, then you’d just plug the Model S in.

But here we’re not discussing that 60- or 85-kWh lithium-ion battery that propels the Model S down the road.

Rather, this instructional video is on that blast-from-the-past 12-volt lead acid unit that is found in the Model S (and in most of today’s electric vehicles, too).

As the YouTube video uploader states:

“The Tesla Model S is one of the most advanced vehicles on the road. Yet, it still uses a old style 12v Lead Acid battery to power the Auxiliary Electronics, as well as used to “wake the car up” when it’s time to drive off.”

“If your 12v Aux battery dies, your stuck. This video will show what to do to get your Model S running again to save you from a Tow Truck Ride.”

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My i-MiEV’s owner’s manual describes how to “jump” the car too. Even with a full high-voltage battery pack, if the 12V battery goes flat, you have to jump it. I’ve considered keeping a small 12V lantern battery in my car for just such emergencies. It would have plenty of power to get the car’s electronics going.

A small DC-to-DC converter would do the job. What are these OEM’s thinking?

My i-MiEV has a DC-to-DC converter to charge the battery when the car is running. When it’s idle, running the DC-to-DC converter would eat into the traction battery too much…?

They are thinking safety. The high voltage (not 12v) battery/wiring not “live” until some start up process happens. The 12v rail system handles the boot up and then triggers the high voltage system and DC-to-DC to activate. You jump a Volt from the front because it needs minimum voltage/amps to bootup. To jump another car from the Volt you use the connections in the rear near the 12v battery. There is a Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) lead-acid battery in the Volt for added safety.