Video: Jay Leno Buys Then Drives McLaren P1


Which plug-in vehicle would Jay Leno buy?

The obvious answer is the Chevy Volt.  He owns one, absolutely loves it and its his daily driver.

But what if Leno were to buy another plug-in.  What would it be?

Jay Leno Driving P1

Jay Leno Driving P1

For the man with mounds of cash, the choice is the McLaren P1.

Yep, that’s right, the P1 will soon be parked next to the Volt in Jay Leno’s garage.

At $1 million, few can afford a P1, but if you so desire supercar performance in a plug-in hybrid package, then its either the P1 or Porsche 918 Spyder you’d buy.

For Leno, the P1 it is.

Outside of McLaren’s engineers and execs, Leno becomes the first person to drive the P1 and its caught on video here.

“It’s pretty much a road-going Formula One car, and after a factory visit to see how it’s made, Jay is the first person outside McLaren to test-drive this extraordinary 903 hp plug-in hybrid.”

That basically sums up this edition of Jay Leno’s Garage and soon Leno will find himself behind the wheel of the P1 on a daily basis.  Consider us jealous.

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9 responses to "Video: Jay Leno Buys Then Drives McLaren P1"
  1. Taser54 says:

    Amazing car.

  2. MrEnergyCzar says:

    The Volt has good company now…


  3. Bill Howland says:

    Well it is nice that a $1,350,000.00 vehicle can go 12 miles before you have to plug it in again.

    1. Foo says:

      For $1.3M, you could get like ten (loaded) Model S’s which, between them, could drive 2500+ miles before needing another charge.

  4. Dan Frederiksen says:

    With the model S it’s a bit lame if Leno is still driving the Volt.

    And yes the P1 is not impressive. yet another dumb gasser just with hints of electric drive smeared on as if that can save the ICE.
    But it’s enough to fool a thoughtless man like Leno.

    1. Taser54 says:

      ^^^ People skills

    2. Unplugged says:

      Really. Obviously Mr. Frederiksen hasn’t visited Jay’s Garage to have even a remedial understanding of how much Jay Leno really knows (and cares) about cars. There is no famous personality out there who embraces the future of the automobile as much as Jay Leno. Not even Letterman can rise to this level.

      If there is anyone who can bring the public kicking and screaming into the electric age, it is Jay Leno.

  5. TSLA says:

    well that was a waste of money jay

  6. Foo says:

    Jay’s always been a hybrid guy at heart… half man, half chin.