Video: It’s Not This Easy to Build a Proper Plug-In Vehicle


A week or so back, we revived the failure that was the Top Gear Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust extended-range electric vehicle.

Hmm...Doubt It's That Simple

Hmm…Doubt It’s That Simple

Though the idea of a diesel-fueled extended-range electric vehicle was ground-breaking, the execution was, in typical Top Gear fashion, flawed throughout.

Here we present Top Gear’s how-to guide for developing and constructing the then-revolutionary i-Thrust.  But since it’s Top Gear, this how-to quickly turns into a how-not-to or what we’d call a DIY disaster.

Still, it’s entertaining to watch Jeremy, Richard and James “attempt to save the planet by building their own electric car out of a TVR chassis and milk float batteries.”

The theory is sound, the execution is not even close to flawless.  Fortunately, real automakers have had no problem executing near-perfect extended-range electric vehicles, but for DIYers, and EREV isn’t a beginner’s project.


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David Murray
David Murray

Wow! They actually managed to produce a vehicle uglier than the i-Miev. That must have taken some work.

Bill Howland
Bill Howland

The reason its cuter than an Imiev is its quite obviously based on the styling of those early Cadillac CTS’s. Is that a fork lift connector or is this vehicle truly j1772 compatible?


I wish ElectricCarsTV would get the hint that we dislike Top Gear with
a passion. As they loathe electric and hybrid cars, and basically sound like
a bunch of self-promoting neanderthals with Saudi Sudz and Texas Tea
running through their pea-headed brains.

I don’t give a care about their messed-up jabs at electric cars. I did see that
episode, and I didnt’ laugh, I just thought it was pathetic, and misplaced
the last time an article appeared here on the subject.

I wish I had more of a sense of humor re: electric cars – I take it seriously.
Probem is – Top Gear gets high ratings and they just slam efficient cars
like bangin’ a gong – and it got old fast – REALLY FAST.

Too bad the Tesla lawsuit lost – We need less of this stuff – really.


I hated that car when I saw it 1 year ago.

I hate top gear even more now.

they don’t get it.


I don’t like most British comedy shows. Sorry if that offends anyone, but I just don’t find British humor funny. Maybe they feel the same way about the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

On top of that, when I have watched Top Gear, every time they start getting b0n3rs for Italian HP, all I can think of is Tim Allen grunting about Binford on Home Improvement.


Proves again that many shows like this have LOW skilled talent. They offer opinion a-plenty with no fundamental knowledge. Like a movie critic that can’t even take a picture.

Yes, in fact, you do need to know something about the trades to go beyond.

IMHO, Top Gear is about being silly, flapping gums and burning Dino, nothing else.