Video: Is This the Most Dramatic Tesla Model S Review?


There’s drama.  Way more than needed.  Think Hollywood flicks.

1 Mile Left.  Will the Tesla Model S Complete the Journey?

1 Mile Left. Will the Tesla Model S Complete the Journey?

The video blacks out.  We’re not sure why.

Range Anxiety?  Check

Skepticism.  No doubt.

White-knuckle moments, fear and so much more.

But in the end, the Tesla Model S amazes.  That’s all that matters to us.

What are we rambling on and on over?  Well, we’re pulling snippets from the video review of the Model S done by The Verge’s Chris Zeigler, who concludes his test drive with this statement:

“The Model S isn’t perfect. Far from it — and I think that Elon Musk would be the first to admit it. But for a company only ten years old to produce an automobile good enough to convince a Detroit native that this might be the future of transportation? Well, that’s pretty amazing.”

The video quality is top notch, so be sure to check it out.

via The Verge

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7 responses to "Video: Is This the Most Dramatic Tesla Model S Review?"
  1. GeorgeS says:

    Ooooh Oh boy I have an idea. Let’s take the S on a long trip and see how close we can come to running out of juice. (Yawn, Broder already did this)

    What an annoying review.

  2. James says:

    In a few years, when the best EVs will go 350-450 miles on a charge, we’re
    certain that there’ll be some dimbulb with a video camera and some editing
    software that’ll choose a trip just…. long…. enough to push the car to it’s limit.
    Of course, he/she’ll be the first to be clever enough to “prove” that EVs just
    aren’t ready for prime time, and that conventional cars are superior…. When
    they are guided over the inductive charger in the ground by the onboard
    display, they’ll dramatically sigh and look into the camera and comment at
    how much of a hassle it is – perhaps they’ll pine for that heavenly smell of
    cancerous gas fumes wafting into their lungs, or those long waits to fill up
    at the local gas trough where our wallets are drained like a Corona on
    Spring Break…. Oh we’ll be so entertained!

  3. vdiv says:

    Yeah, I am not impressed by this review either.

    The most dramatic point in the video? A fat guy eating an In and Out burger moaning about the fact that he has to wait half an hour to get 130 miles. Boo Hoo!

    1. GeorgeS says:

      Good one vdiv. I was going to add the fat boy comment but didn’t have the guts.

      1. vdiv says:

        Well, apparently I do figuratively and literally, so I can relate 😉

        Thanks George!

        1. Bill Howland says:

          Fat guy will get you alot of thumbs down, Use the politically – correct term, Gravity Challenged..

          So for all you Tesla S owners, when he was down to 1 mile left, how far was he really before the thing would die?

  4. GSP says:

    He did not say anything about charging during his Santa Barbara stop. Why not charge for at least one hour there, instead of white knuckling it with only one mile reserve? I think there are even 70 A (50 mph) charging stations in Santa Barbara, instead of the usual 30 A, and it is easy to walk to downtown museums, shops, and restaurants.