Video: Is This How You’d Try to Pitch a Used Tesla Model S to Potential Buyers?


A used Tesla Model S with a $119,970 price tag seems like it would be a hard sell.

Think This Guy Could Sell You on a Used Model S?

Think This Guy Could Sell You on a Used Model S?

Sure, this particular Model S is a P85 version and it’s loaded to the gills, but still $119,970?

That’s basically the price of a brand new Model S optioned in the same way, so how in the world would one sell a used (1,596 miles) Model S for the price of new?

Well, maybe this guy waving his hands at you (see image to your right) can make the sale.

Here are some more details on the Model S up for sale:

“This One Owner, Tesla Model S P85 is Black over Black w/Red Piping and comes loaded with Navigation, Heated Seats, Power Seats, 17″ Interactive Central Interface w/Web Browser, Bluetooth Connectivity, Carbon Fiber Interior Trim, Technology Package, Rear Back-Up Camera, Panoramic Roof and much more!”

Oh, and in case you were wondering, this Model S is at Byers Imports, where it sits alongside a “large selection of new Audi, Jaguar, Porsche, Subaru & VW 2013 inventory.”

Lightly Used Model S P5 for $119,970

Lightly Used Model S P5 for $119,970

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It actually was an excellent presentation, aside from the hucksterish arm waving by the guy at the beginning. Covered the car pretty well, learned lots of things and details. Only glaring omission was no mention of SuperCharging availability which I assume woould still be free for the second owner.

Is this why Tesla relishes the idea of dealers selling their cars? Though outgoing (irritating) he has done his homework, unlike other salesmen in other dealers who don’t even acknowledge the car being electric. Even worse, they just list out features like A/C and other stuff throughout a lone of recorded samples. Seriously, there are thousands upon thousands of videos on YouTube from dealers who do this to the Nissan LEAF.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

LOL so you get to pay retail for a used car, and you don’t get the tax credits?


I’ll give you $50K for it.

There are guys in China paying well more than twice this amount. Or sell to a Canadian who pay 15% import tax on new ones but can import used easily.

This would appeal to anyone who wants a Model S NOW. And Dan Frederiksen’s evil twin.