Video: Introducing the Tesla Nod


The world’s Tesla Model S owners may already be familiar with the “Tesla Nod,” but we definitely weren’t.

The Tesla Nod

The Tesla Nod

In this professionally executed commercial (not done by Tesla) we’re introduced to the unofficial “Tesla Nod.”

The nod is almost universally employed as a quick method for showing one’s approval.  In the automotive realm, the use of the nod retains the same meaning.

To nod, or not to nod?

What shall one do?

This video proves once again that there’s no need for Tesla to advertise its own products, as the various Model S owners and Tesla fans take well to the task of advertising for Tesla themselves.

(video was made by Alex Mercier and Anthony Dever of

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And I thought the nod for for Heineken.

When did sticking you chin UP become a “nod”?

Via Wikihow:
How to Nod Coolly
1. Go somewhere. Preferably somewhere that has people.
2. Head towards the person leaning against the wall/post/door frame/other person. Or anyone who looks really cool.
3. Walk by. See if they nod. Proceed if they do. If they do not, repeat step 2.
4. Nod back. This is where it gets tricky. If they are cooler than you, only nod down, as if you were bowing slightly. If you are cooler than them, jerk your chin up. Guys, when you are jerking your chin, you might want to tweak your eyebrows up just a bit.
5. Keep walking. If they jerk their head back and to the side in a ‘come hither’ motion, proceed at a faster pace. Unless you like being mugged.

This one is pretty funny, well done! I liked this one too:

Does he fart at 0:16? I wouldn’t want to breath either after that.

LOL, true dat!

Cringe-worthy acting.

It’s the opposite of the pinky wave?