Video: Interview With Benoit Jacob, Head of BMW i Design – Topic BMW i3

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“The visionary design of the BMW i3 showcases both BMW’s customary sporting capability and the efficiency of a four-seater with authentic clarity.”

Head of Design Discusses BMW i3 Design

Head of Design Discusses BMW i3 Design

Says BMW.

In this video, we have Benoit Jacob, head of BMW i Design, discussing the overall design of the BMW i3.

Of note is that BMW says that the key elements of the BMW i3 are the LifeDrive architecture and BMW eDrive technology.

The use of lightweight CFRP for the passenger cell cancels out the added weight of the electric components (mainly the weight of the battery pack).

BMW Blog adds that the “low, central positioning of the battery pack enhances the car’s agility thanks to near perfect 50:50 weight distribution.”

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11 responses to "Video: Interview With Benoit Jacob, Head of BMW i Design – Topic BMW i3"

  1. David Murray says:

    I love everything about this car, except for the way the screens are attached to the dash (they look almost aftermarket) and I don’t like the “gear shifter.”

  2. Spec9 says:

    So that is the guy who created the pug.

  3. Disappointed says:

    “One heck of a car”, that’s like looking at a homely baby and generously announcing, “That’s some baby!”
    I would happily keep my Active-E, a great platform, fun and attractive, built on the 1Series coupe. The i3, is not an upgrade in any way except price. With Rex, tax and registration in Southern California it costs just over $60,000. It’s made out of plastic, like a golf cart that can keep you out of the rain, it looks like a prius was driven into a wall and kidney grills were used to cover up the damage, it rides on one of a kind motor cycle width tires so it’s battery pack won’t drag on the ground, it has a $4,000 motor scooter engine that will get you another 80 miles down the road but how fast it can do it is still not demonstrated in the US, and the list goes on, but I am bored and so probably are you.
    No longer an unknown in any way, we are now free to look this thing and BMW squarely in the eye and announce, “The Emperor Has No Clothes”, from the old Danish fairy tale where two weavers convince the Emperor that they will make him something so fine that only those unfit for their positions, stupid or incompetent won’t be able to see how wonderful it is. In his own self delusion he is dressed in his new clothes but actually walks naked in the town where all declare how marvelous he looks in his fine new clothes until a child announces, “The Emperor has no clothes.” And so it is with this i3. The “Weavers” were great salesmen, they successfully sold a suit of clothes that didn’t exist. BMW may sell the i3 using the same tactic. Surely, they insist, You can see how marvelous it is.
    We’re lucky, we still have a choice. How would you like to be Bridgestone Tires who was convinced to design and manufacture a tire used by only one car in the world, who recently heard that, “we may sell a couple of thousand of these cars in the USA in 2014.”
    These “BMW weavers” are great salesmen. They nearly parrot the Emperor’s tailors,,,, get one, you’ll never look more marvelous, smart, competent and so fit for your position in life!

    The hard sell is touching everyone!
    You should hear the extraordinary financial demands being put on BMW Dealers to build out their showrooms to create a special space for the new “i Series.”

    I see nothing worthy of our praise. “Look it really is the promised electric BMW and it doesn’t turn over when you drive it fast.” That just doesn’t do anything special for me.
    Give me back the Active-E, that is a real car!

    1. James says:

      Well stated.

  4. Al S says:

    Too bad the perfect 50:50 weight distribution they mention is ruined in the REx version.

  5. Rick Danger says:

    “Authentic clarity” huh?
    What’s this guy been smoking?

    1. Foo says:

      What does it even mean?

  6. Alex says:

    i3 will be a flop!

  7. Anon says:

    The i3 will make you want the i5, which is what they probably should have produced first, if they want to compete with Tesla Motors.

  8. Dan Frederiksen says:

    They are not kidneys BMW. They are obviously nostrils.

  9. Bret says:

    I don’t want my car to say “I’m going to change the world”. I just want to drive to work without looking like a dork. I was seriously considering the i3, but the styling is way less than satisfactory. Somebody at BMW should have reeled in this designer and put together a couple of focus groups. Just a monochromatic color option and a straight window line would be a huge improvement on the i3.