Video: Inside Elon Musk’s Bel Air Mansion


Bloomberg’s Betty Liu always seems to get exclusive interviews with Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk.

Musk a Video Game Fan?

Musk a Video Game Fan?

This time, Musk takes Liu inside his $17 million Bel Air mansion.

Of interest is Musk’s love for video games and for music.

And until recently, Elon Musk had not felt financially sound enough to buy a house, so he rented.

Guess Tesla Motors is now in a secure enough place that Musk is able to spend some of his own money elsewhere.

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Howard Buffet? What a tool.

And we didn’t even see neato stuff like the electric service or where he recharged the car!

Oh his personal battery swap station 🙂

They make a good couple those two…

Where does he keep the Ironman suits?

Dang.. He spends a lot of time with Betty and even brought her home. He’s surely going to hook up with her soon. I know i would.

Hey, I just found something I don’t share with Elon, antique style!
I am very surprised of the following:
No modern bouwhouse style villa.
A fossil gas fuelled furnace instead of an induction set.
Forged iron in the kitchen.
Wood in the kitchen.
No star trek style sliding doors.
Even the fridge is behind antique wood doors and not equipped with electric assistance opening.
Perhaps a side effect of too much tech during the workday or at contrary a way to further motivate to get at work in a less rustic style environment.

Did I see an Audi in the driveway at 2:10 in the video? Looks like the one they used to compare the battery swap time vs. filling up the gas tank.

Elon drove an Audi before he got the Model S. I’m assuming it is same one.