Video: Infiniti Emerg-E Quick Spin


Though Infiniti insists it’s purely a concept, the Emerg-E is still a visually stunning, high performance plug-in hybrid that we yearn for.



Perhaps the Emerg-E will make it to production someday and, if it does, we can only hope that its specs (as described below by Infiniti) stay intact:

“Infiniti Emerg-E is the ultimate expression of Infiniti’s inspired performance. This 402bhp (300kW) mid-engined, twin motor, electric motors powered sports car is capable of accelerating from 0-60mph in just four seconds – and from zero to 130mph in a single, seamless 30 second burst. Yet it also operates as exciting, zero emission urban transport over a 30-mile range. And when the range-extender petrol engine functions in concert with its twin electric motors, it produces a CO2 output of only 55g/km (NEDC cycle).”

Sounds sweet to us.

Sure, it’ll always be a niche vehicle and if would definitely be burdened by an astronomical price tag, but there’d be buyer lining up for it.  That’s a guarantee.

Up ’til now, only a few people have driven the Emerg-E.  That changed when Nissan hosted its 360 event a couple weeks ago.

This here video is from Slashgear’s time spent behind the wheel of Infiniti’s radical plug-in.  The audio isn’t top notch, but for most, it might well be the closest you’ll ever get to the Emerg-E.

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Jay Cole

Just as FYI, I have requested a long term loan on this car several times from all the reps and execs at both Nissan and Infiniti, strangely they have declined thus far – they just keep yammering on about the Q50…apparently the Q50 is some kind of car that just takes liquid fuel (sounds outdated to us)

Our plan is to wear them down into the ground until they acquiesce.

/waves to kyle bazemore & johan de nysschen at Infiniti

Richard Joash Tan

Lotus provide some bodeies and chassis for the Tesla Roadster, Detroit SP01 and Infiniti Emerg-e