Video: In Norway’s Wintry Condition, Tesla Model S Attempts 225-Mile Trip on Single Charge


As the wintry weather rolls in, concerns over lack of EV range start to constantly pop up.

Tesla Model S Trip Route

Tesla Model S Trip Route

In this video, you’ll see a Model S owner in Norway “attempting to drive 375 km/225 mi on a single charge, in Norwegian winter conditions.”

We’re not going to spoil the video for you by posting the result, but we will say that a kitten, a flat panel TV and some additional belongings burdened the Model S with additional weight during the journey.  Did the added weight make the trip impossible?  Watch the video to find out.


 *Bonus video below.  Here you’ll see the same Model S owner attempt his first road trip, which is described as follows:

“My very first road trip with my brand new Tesla Model S P85 Multicoat Red. The trip from Oslo to Trondheim is 535 km and has a max elevation of 1026 m. This puts the Model S on a real winter test.”

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Bjorn’s videos are great. He has made three Model S videos so far. They are very fun to watch. He was brave to attempt this trip in his new Model before he had got aquainted with it first.


New to the car and pushing it to one mile remaking and 10km / 6 miles to go is crazy in the winter!

Thanks for a great video.

Awesome video.. I am sure if Tesla can spread word in Europe about this video a lot more orders can come 🙂

I think many people don’t want to buy a Tesla because they think the range in winter will be much lower than advertised. I have proved that it’s lower, but it’s not a big disadvantage at all. And we all know that a modern diesel car that’s advertised to do 5 l/100 km won’t do that in the real world. Those are just fancy numbers to sell a product.

I’m writing about this on Kompulsa. 😀

Range for diesel-powered cars decreases during winter too.

The scrutiny and testing of electric cars has helped people to see how winter weather, driving uphill, and on rough terrain reduces vehicle efficiency in general.

Ill mention that gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles’ range and (cost of transport) are affected by cold weather as well, due to the fact that more mechanical power is required during winter.

i love the color !
red bermellon
good taste

Less than 10 % ordered that color. There are mostly white, black and silver seen in Norway. Along with the Aero wheels, this makes my car very unique 😉

Amazing range , and on winter studded tires!