Video: In Norway, Tesla Model S Gets A (Entertaining) Cold Weather Range Test; Duct Tape Required


“Autofil tests the range and handling of Model S from Oslo to Geilo in icy Norwegian conditions and steep terrain. The journey is only 270 kms (168 miles), but with a climb of 800 metres (2,625 feet) and freezing temperatures.”

Says Tesla Motorsmodel s range

As Aufotil adds:

“The test car is a US-spec Model S without cold weather spec.”

But the actual test drive is far more exciting to watch than either Tesla or Autofil allude to.

There’s a jam packed trunk.

There’s no focus whatsoever on conserving energy by the driver.

And there’s even a bit of duct tape covering the Model S’ remaining range indicator.

The test driver simply drives the Model S with no regard for its “electricness.”

But it’s the duct tape over the range indicator that hooked us.  Is this yet another use for the stick-anywhere, fix-anything tape?  Duct tape as a range anxiety eliminator?

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Btw is there any confirmed info about some “north spec” Tesla?
And it’s only -1C to -6C on video, it’s not cold at all.

Has anyone seen the Fifth Gear episode when Tiff Needell reviewed the Tesla Roadster? You can see where these guys got their inspiration.

I love how he compared it to our national debt.

That is a great video. Just packing the truck alone was worth the watch.

Agreed, I loved it. He got me when he showed the bike. I gasped and got anxious!