Hyundai Kona Electric – Every Button Explained & Explored: Video


What does that weird button do?

Should I just push it to find out? But what if something bad then happens? Hmm…major dilemma.

Ever wonder what that button does inside the Hyundai Kona Electric? You know, that one button with that weird symbol. Well, wonder no more as every button is covered here.

Electric cars often have some mysterious buttons. That largely because there are no real standards for some of the EV-specific functions. This can lead to mass confusion when behind the wheel of a new electric car.

Fortunately, there are some amazing videos out there that actually explain what the various buttons do. This particular one is a gem as it covers EVERY button found on the Hyundai Kona Electric.

Own a Kona Electric? Then this video is far more informative and easier to digest than referencing the manual all of the time (though we do suggest you give that a read too).

Alrighty, let’s find out what those buttons all do.

Video description:

Hyundai Kona Electric – Ep 22 – Every button explained

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Very good informative video!! Thanks for pointing us to it Eric.

Very thorough, but everything except VESS and the paddles are common to most vehicles. That shows you just how well developed normal car controls have become.

“Well developed.” As in there is a button for every conceivable function. How throughly impressive.

Wow! Way too many buttons. My old ford ranger looks bare naked compared to this.

Thank you very much for posting one of my Kona Videos. That is so very nice of you.

Thanks for producing it. Nice work!

For those that like a hard button for each car function seems like the Hyundai Kona Electric certainly has that well covered. My only criticism is that the hazard emergency button should be more isolated and pronounced.

The Tesla Model 3 is the opposite to the Hyundai Koan Electric hard button wise. Will be interesting to see if next generation Kona Electric goes to more display soft buttons like Model 3 or sticks with hard buttons.

Having gotten use to driving a Model 3 with nearly no hard buttons (also a Model S with only.a few more buttons) I am now somewhat shocked at all the hard buttons each time I drive a traditional ICE car.

Also within the settings there are further options such as ‘Welcome Mirrors’ as we approach ours the mirrors open.
You can set a start tempreture on the system as well as an on time to start charging for low rate electricity.

The car will offer a touch of the left up button or tap of the accelaerator when stopped in traffic for a long duration.

10 Days in we are thrilled with ours,

I’ve had my car for two weeks and totally learned from this.