Video: How Fife College Uses Its Nissan LEAFs

JAN 24 2014 BY MARK KANE 3

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

After examining how Phoenix Taxis is using its 6 Nissan LEAFs, science journalist Jheni Osman visited Fife College in Scotland.

Now everybady in Fife College wants to drive electric

Now everybody in Fife College wants to drive electric

Fife College has two Nissan LEAFs and, as it turns out, those LEAFs perform quite well.

For Fife College, the LEAF was the most suitable electric to buy in terms of quality, specifications, looks, performance and drive experience.

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The more EVs in Scotland the better. They have a great public charger infrastructure, but few EVs.

A very informative video. Favorable vehicle taxation environment helps, but the best thing from the video was the comment that having familiarized the staff with the car it had become the vehicle of choice for traveling between campuses.

Great to see more EVs up north! There is so much renewable energy that Scotland has available. It is the logical vehicle for most trips!