Video: Honda Fit EV Automatic Valet Parking

OCT 30 2013 BY MARK KANE 4

Honda Fit EV

Honda Fit EV

At the 20th ITS World Congress Tokyo 2013, Honda presented some new technologies for an accident-free society.

One of them – Automatic Valet Parking – was shown on a Fit EV, which according to Honda is using a low-cost on-vehicle system, without any additional sensors.

The Fit EV can drive automatically by wirelessly downloading data about its environment from cameras installed at a parking facility, which supplement the Fit EV’s rear-view-camera data.

In this way, vehicles could park themselves or go to a drop-off point for the drive.

Automatic Valet Parking

“Using this system, a vehicle fitted with a Wi-Fi system and ordinary rear-view-camera, will automatically drive from the drop-off point of the parking facility to an available spot and park itself. When the driver is ready to leave, the vehicle is called for and will automatically drive itself to the pick-up area. The system utilizes wireless communication between the vehicle and a series of cameras placed in the four corners of the parking facility. No special sensor needs to be fitted to the vehicle. The Automatic Valet Parking System is designed to realize safe and efficient parking of multiple vehicles. It could be used to enhance the shopping experience for customers at a large shopping center or to support well-organized and safe parking in large parking lots.”

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There is another parking system out there called using your eyes and concentration and not eating or texting what worries me is if all these techs pile up after a while where people get disconnected from society we might turn into the people like in Wall-E which I think now will most likely happen more then the Terminator.

Oh God! There is so much problems with obesity right now, can we really call this progress? This little walk is the only sport for a lot of people, don’t take it back from them! This is proving to me that EVs might be better than ICEs, but they still have all the other car problems.

This technology, once it matures, will cut the demand for new vehicles in half over time, by making car sharing even more convenient. There will be little need to own a car in most urban settings if the car will come to your door.

Ford is about to actually launch their fully automated self parking system in Europe.

Using your remote, you can send your car to a parking space, and call it from a parking space, and it comes to where you are.

Here is the video.