Video: Here’s What Road Debris Can Do to a Non Tesla Model S


Road debris impales Tesla Model S = National headline news.

Road debris impales non Tesla Model S = Nobody gives a damn.

Here we present the other side of the story.

Road Debris Goes Straight Through Floorboard

Road Debris Goes Straight Through Floorboard

Dangerous brings us this video of an actual vehicle after being impaled by road debris.  The object that impales the vehicle penetrates straight through the floorboard.  The driver is uninjured, but as you’ll soon read in some of the links below, the driver ain’t always so lucky.

Below you’ll find some additional links (courtesy of Tesla Motors Forum) to some past vehicle impalement stories.

*Fair warning: some of the descriptions of what occurred after the object impaled the vehicle are rather gruesome.

Metal bar skewers door shut

Tourist dies after being impaled by car jack

Metal rod skewers driver’s leg

Object penetrates floorboard, then enters driver’s leg

Meanwhile, the two Model S sedans that were impaled by objects never resulted in reported injuries to the occupants of either of those vehicles.

Source: Tesla Motors Forum

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Holy F***! but the real question; will this story make half the splash that the Tesla incidents made?…. well, guess its up to us to make sure it does!

Good story Eric. The other noteworthy item is that none of the stories that were deemed worthy of reporting included the model or manufacturer of the vehicle they were driving. The first story did make reference to their “new SUV” and that was as close as they got.

Good point. Maybe the NHTSA should investigate this company… LOL.

Pickup owners around here (DFW Texas) drop stuff on the road all the time. They never tie anything off.

I was behind a pickup with some metal shelving a couple years ago and he dropped the entire load right in front of me. You’d think that the land of cowboys would have some rope lying around!

Once I was headed to Houston and came upon a bunch of cars with flat tires. A truck had dropped a load of scrap metal on the road. I managed to avoid the bigger pieces and got through will all my air still in the tires.

I encounter miscellaneous debris almost every day.

Fascinating… I’ve never seen road debris in my life, but then I live in Sweden.

We’ll you are in Sweden, 21st century, Texas still in the 1800’s, Tesla is ban to sell, guns everywere even in the movie theaters and debries falling for trucks.

I dodged an aluminum ladder the other week. I was going 65 on the expressway at night. Barely saw it in time.

Hell!! That is chilling. The thought that something like that can shoot up into a passenger is unacceptable. I loved the sit in the rear seat in cars. Ireland’s best roads may be as good as dug up, but with those kind of hazzards on the roads? No way is that acceptable.

Seems like the Model S should get an even higher safety rating from the NHTSA. Maybe this will be the start of a new safety category – the Road Debris Test.

That’s a great idea, Measuring the strength of the roof and beneath foot wells and seats by puncturing it is definitely possible, but car manufacturers and its engineers are soiling themselves over the small over-lap test. More stringent tests should be introduced over time, giving engineers time. While small over-lap crashes are common and very fatal, those being reasons for the NHSTA introducing the tests, but what about Road Debris? Are they common, is there a high fatality rate when road debris punctures through a car?

Of course mainstream media picks up the Model S fires, when there is no injuries, and no cabin intrusion.

The more pressing concern with the video here is that children are typically placed in the back seat,

Have fun bending the laws of physics, to confirm to a mere human ideal. 😀 There are only so many practical ways to limit damage on a vehicle’s underside from high speed metal projectiles. Talk to the US Military about undercarridge penetrations– it still happens.

I hope the NHTSA is going to open an investigation into these incidents, because clearly these cars are not safe if a piece of metal can pierce the floorboard and impale an occupant… oops, forgot that these vehicles aren’t BEV. Move along, nothing to see here.

I had a ~10″ long piece of leaf spring pierce through a rear tire. Instant blowout and lots of noise! The guy at the tire store couldn’t stop laughing.

It happened a little more than a block from my house while I was going ~30MPH.