Video: Head of BMW EV Operations Discusses 2014 i3 in Detail


If you’re seeking information on an electric vehicle, who better to tell you then the head of electric vehicle operations and strategies?

BMW i3 in Orange County

BMW i3 in Orange County

Seen here is BMW North America’s Jacob Harb, head of BMW NA electric vehicle operations and strategies.

Harb is discussing some of the finer details that make up the BMW i3.

This particular i3 was recently on display at the Orange County Auto Show in Anaheim, California.

Harb was there to introduce the US media to the i3 and he discusses several things that we’ve not yet heard in regards to the i3.

For example, did you know that the wood trim within will change color over time?

Or that there’s hemp, eucalyptus and olive oil found within the i3?

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I saw the i3 at plug in day in Tucson. It is nicer in person than in the photos. What this man is saying about interior room is correct. It looks small on the outside but it has quite a lot of room on the inside.

I’ve always wondered… If the BMW has Hemp on the doors’ interiors or lining, would take make it Federally illegal to sell in the US? Of course, with the exception of a few better off states.

I dislike BMW in general, mainly due to how their owners drive them. But this is one BMW that I would consider buying. Good range, optional extender and not a horrible price. But is this one large enough to give interior room to match a CUV? My next purchase will be an EREV CUV and we prefer if it was made in the USA.

I agree, BMW drivers are horrible and have a bad stigma attached to the BMW brand in general. I would love to get one of these for my wife but she hates BMW drivers and therefore BMW in general and refuses to drive one.

The BMW i3 is very much like a crossover. It feels like it has a lot more room inside than a Chevy Volt because it does not have a battery-filled center tunnel or large center console that reaches from dash to the tunnel. The rear doors open up “suicide-style” and there is no B pillar so it appears that you could pull up to Home Depot and load a refrigerator, although I’d recommend their hourly truck rental instead.

Would someone please explain to me why the range extender gas tank cannot be constantly refilled, thereby limiting the range to 200 miles. ?

You can fill the 2 gallon tank every day if you want… if the initial EV range is 80+ miles you probably will only every few weeks….


It of course can Bill. It’s just a stupid way they are describing it.

Those suicide doors are going to be a pain for rear seat passengers trying to get in or get out when parked in side-by-side parking slots at the mall or grocery store.

Few things to notice in the video.

1. The charge ports shows the CCS plug holes… So, it is CCS ready.
2. Why is charging port in the back while the gas port in the front? I would prefer it the other way around. Not to mention that many public charging stations have limited cable length and LEAF is far superior in this aspect b/c the ports are in the front.
3. The second row is a bench seat yet it only sits 2 person?
4. Not much storage space behind the rear seat. Does the rear seats fold flat?