Video: Get Up Close and Personal With the BMW i3


High quality video showing the intricate details of a vehicle are difficult to come by.

BMW i3 in Frankfurt

BMW i3 in Frankfurt

Even more unlikely to find is an HD video of a vehicle that’s on the stage at a major motor show.

Well, unlikely has turned into here it is in this flick starring the BMW i3.

A Frankfurt showgoer caught the i3 on video and was able to show us several angles of the exterior of the video, as well as to take us inside where the multi-function screen gets a workout.

Here’s the description that goes along with this hig-def video:

“An in-depth look at the all new BMW i3 with its electric engine (170hp, 250Nm) and a carbon fiber frame. Already the first view indicates that this car is something totally revolutionary, a LED light system, tall and narrow proportions and a terrific interior (design lodge). This specific model wasn’t exactly cheap but the built quality and material feel are comparable with a 5-series BMW.”

Comparable to a 5 Series?  You do know that one of those cost well over $50,000, right?

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9 responses to "Video: Get Up Close and Personal With the BMW i3"
  1. Ted Fredrick says:

    I still can’t quite gage how big it is. Want to see it in real life

  2. kdawg says:

    Did they have to make the screen that wide so that the 20 character German words would fit?

  3. MrEnergyCzar says:

    The screens look like removable tablets… next version maybe….


  4. James says:

    A couple notes: Remember those awkward extra-cab doors on large pickup trucks?
    The one’s that wouldn’t open or close without the driver’s door being open? Well,
    here they are – only on a tiny commuter wagon. Folks that had kids, and just plain
    any people that actually carried passengers in their pickup trucks complained long and
    hard to manufacturers until they all nixed those doors and went with standard opening,
    front-hinged doors – I believe GM was the last that listened, but finally, they, too got
    the message loud and clear. Here are the scenarios wherein those doors stink – When
    you have kids – or you are pulling up to a curb wherein SOMEBODY ON THE OUTSIDE
    has to figure out how to work those “danged doors” with you screaming at them not to
    shut them until the front door is open….Many times you don’t have a front passenger,
    so this means the driver getting out, walking around the vehicle just to show people
    how the doors close! It gets super annoying. With this carbon-plastic composite –
    me thinks folks nicking about the doors trying to figure them out will extremely annoy
    the owner. “JUST LET ME DO IT!” becomes the outcry. So—- BMW hasn’t been
    watching the large personal truck market – makes sense, since those vehicles don’t
    exist over there. Here – they’re the number one seller by far.

    Secondly, here’s a car thief looking into the window – “WOW! Look at those big
    tablets just sitting there!” – Of course, he’s not aware that they’re bolted on. So
    he screws your carbon-composite doors or breaks the glass to get them, only
    to find out the hard way they’re not gonna just fly away.

    Thirdly, the big wide-screen center display doesn’t appear touchscreen. It may
    be, but it’s set SO FAR BACK that ergonomically, you’d have to have gorilla
    arms to reach it. More likely, it looks like that annoying German style, wherein
    you have a nice LED screen, only to find out you have a knob, a dial or a “nial”
    ( some doohickey you use like a computer mouse ) to scroll up and down and
    make selections. Don’t know if you’ve ever used those, but a simple, straight-
    forward push on a touchscreen is more logical and direct — just to leave out
    that extra device you have to maneuver to make selections on the screen.

    I dunno folks – you still think this is “The Ultimate Driving Electric Machine”?

    1. Delta says:

      And with those doors you would never use one of these as a taxi. I sure hope you can’t close the front door without closing the back first and drive off…

  5. James says:

    You know, people that are convinced that – because this says “BMW” on the
    hood, it HAS to be good. You can’t speak logically to those folks. They buy brand.

    Motor Trend just tested the SparkEV ( interesting article ) and called it the best
    handling EV they’ve yet driven ( including i3 ) besides the lauded Model S. Now
    think about that whilst looking at i3’s little skinny tires. Those that claim it should
    handle like a BMW have to think about having four people in this car. No matter
    how light the construction, human bodies weigh something. Say you have mom
    and dad in front ( 300lbs if they’re jet-setting, upper-income, perfect types ), and
    100lbs of kids or pre-teens in back. A more likely setting would be heavier
    adults as Americans love our Costco and Big Macs – hopefully the kids are in
    after-school sports! Take that weight and place 1/3rd of it above center of gravity,
    and now think of those skinny tires. It can’t be good.

    You may say, “Hey, my family is on board, I’m not going to drive like Richard Petty!”
    Yes – but you dished out fifty large for “The Ultimate Driving Machine”, remember?
    If Spark EV goes as far on electrons – and you’re paying that kind of moola – how
    thin is your BMW justification now? Buy a SparkEV and keep the gas car. How
    thrilling is tooling down the road with that 2cyl huffing and puffing to get you to
    a 3 hour charge?

    Ending on a positive note – I really like the “gear” shift, or mode selector on
    the column. It’s new, it keeps your eyes center-focused once you master it’s
    functions ( Prius and LEAF both have a small learning curve too ). Seating
    position is high and visibility looks fantastic. Speaking of full-sized trucks,
    The big boys should take note – the old column shift is so ’50s, but still doing
    yeoman’s duty in trucks with automatic transmissions. RAM has a push-button
    arrangement on the dash now ( again, a throwback from the ’50s ) but BMW’s
    solution looks like the way forward for drive controls.

    1. James says:

      – Minivans and commercial vans too! Where the standard way is to
      place the auto trans selector awkwardly on the dash somehow. BMW’s
      answer to drive mode controls, being short, stubby and column-mounted
      seems perfect for those vehicles where you want to exit your seat and
      get rearward inside the cabin by moving between the front seats.

      1. James says:

        Question of the Day: Will that guy come on here and call me a
        “Debbie Downer” again?


  6. Tesla rules says:

    Wow this video makes me want to buy more tesla stock.

    Think of all of the additional expense in hardware alone bmw has in this versus the tesla.