Video: German Tesla Model S Review Makes Us Laugh


We’re certain that if we understood German, then there’d be some useful content in this here video review.

Model S Tested in Germany

Model S Tested in Germany

But, we no speak German, so whatever this reviewer is trying to say means naught to us.

However, the way in which he speaks with such emphasis/enthusiasm and in a tone that seems as if he’s scolding us made a lasting impact on us.

So much so that we figured we’d pass it along to you.

At one point the review says this:

“Im Tesla Model S dauern Zweifel an der Zukunft der E-Mobilität 4,4 Sekunden an. Dann ist er 100 Sachen schnell und macht alles anders — und alles richtig.”

Translated, it comes across like this:

“The Tesla Model S last doubts about the future of electric mobility at 4.4 seconds. Then he’s 100 things quickly and does everything else and everything right.”

Or something along those lines…we think.

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ElectricCarsTV – This response is local on an global scale….

The right translation would be:

“Im Tesla Model S dauern Zweifel an der Zukunft der E-Mobilität 4,4 Sekunden an. Dann ist er 100 Sachen schnell und macht alles anders — und alles richtig.”

In the Tesla Model S doubt on the future of E-mobility last 4.4 seconds. Then he (Model S) has a speed of 100 kilometers per hour and does everthing different (than other cars) – and does everything right. (In other words Model S does it the right way.)

I agree totally.

As German native speaker I try to translate the sentence above:

In a Tesla Model S, doubts in electric mobility are lasting 4.4 seconds. Then it is 100 km/h (62 miles/h) fast and it does everything differently – and everything right.

The guy in the video is summarizing the advantages of the Model S. He is very convinced, but only as emotional as a Swiss can be.

Believe me, here in central Europe, a few month ago hardly anybody knew about Tesla. Now it became the car that so many people want and dream of. I have never seen such enthusiasm for a car brand or a particular model. I guess German premium manufacturers will have a very hard time the next years!

Recently, a lot of attention has been paid to this video (unfortunately also available only in German):

Trend scout and futurist Lars Thomsen predicts the end of combustion engines in the passenger car market in just a few years (tipping point).
The German newspaper “Die Zeit” summarized the content in a long article.

That prediction sounds like he should be on the conspiracy web sites and Coast to Coast AM.

I don’t think so. He made this speech at a serious conference organized by the Austrian powertrain engineering company AVL List. I think he is basically right.

Thomsen’s presentation is absolutely spot on. I think that every automotive executive in Germany would be well advised to give it a listen, and ponder the message Lars delivered.

Yes, we love the German-speaking Swiss. And the rest of Switzerland too!

It is a Swiss review, not a German review. There is a difference there.


How German Sounds Compared To Other Languages

He basically says electric cars are no longer small and ugly and it’s elegant. Quality similar to BMW 5 series and crazy amount of power. Large trunk space and good range. 400km by their test.

The German way.

It reminds me of an article in a Motor Trend magazine I’d read about a 450SL Mercedes
many years ago. It remarked upon the huge steering wheel not being very ergonomic,
and the Teutonic way all the switches and compartments of the car were kind of stiff
and needed some strength to operate/open. – The writer of the piece described the
Mercedes way of building cars like this – ” VE VILL BUILD IT ZISS VAY, AND YOU WILL


Case in point, the “gear shifter” in a Volt vs. the one in a Toyota Hybrid or even a Leaf. Which one would people rather have?

Seriously, together with the steering wheel and pedals it is the most important control in the car. Is there a possibility Toyota could have made theirs any flimsier?

Once the Germans get serious about EVs we would have reached the turning point.

EVs should not have shifters at all. They are merely cosmetic and are just a waste of space and something that can break. They should be replaced with a nob or pushbuttons (like the 500e).

I’d also like more drive modes such there is a wide variety of regen and acceleration settings.

Agreed on that. I live the hockey puck shifter on my Leaf. It is really quick and easy to shift from forward to reverse to parked. With a normal gear shifter, it feels clunky and takes up too much space. The car is shift by wire anyway, so why waste the space?