Video: Fox News Changes its Stance; Now Calls Tesla Motors a “Huge Success”


Always fair and balanced, right?  We’d question that when it comes to Fox News, but we don’t have to because the news organization flips flops so often that what’s fair and balanced today for Fox News seems to change tomorrow.

Fox News Now Calls Tesla a "HUGE Success"

Fox News Now Calls Tesla a “HUGE Success”

Never has that been more true then now with Fox News’ pitching Tesla Motors as a “huge success,” despite ragging on the automaker for years in the past.

This flip-flopping action came about shortly after Tesla Motors announced that it profited in Q1 of 2013.

No longer does Fox News lump Tesla Motors into the same category with Fisker, a failing automaker who, like Tesla, received federal loans from the DoE.

In the past, Fox News always mentioned the government loans when talking Tesla.  The news organization previously jumped at every opportunity to tell us that we, the people of this nation, fund Tesla.

Not anymore.  Fox News now simply ignores the fact that Tesla received federal money.  Instead, Fox News reported Tesla’s Q1 profits with words like “encouraging” and the repeating phrase “huge success.”

Could it be that Fox News will now no longer negatively portray Tesla?  Will the news organization change its negative stance towards electric vehicles?  Who knows, but at least Tesla’s success wasn’t presented with a negative spin.

via Media Matters

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The video above didn’t work for me, but I found it on YouTube.

Fox has no vision (except when they concoct crazy fantasies), they are a reactionary group. The current reaction is “Wow, look at those stock prices, we better show how we were always on board w/Telsa”.

If the stock goes down and/or sales diminish, Fox will stick a wet finger in the air to see which way the Republican public opinion is blowing. If it’s negative, Fox will reset to square 1 and start lambastingTesla again.

Exactly. Fox is only responding to their polls of what the nut jobs they represent are thinking at the time.

… unlike all the commies, like Obama, the are all one BIG vision – kind of easy after a couple of joints, don’t you think? It’s all medical, of course…

Some people would prefer that our tax dollars not be used as venture capital. I don’t see how expressing that opinion is the same as “ragging on the automaker for years”.

But alas, the anti-Fox venom of liberals continues to flow like water, pouring onto a news channel that they never actually watch. Enjoy your hate. 😉

Fox News seems “fair and balanced” to the political right because it is the only news source that isn’t disgustingly liberal.

Anybody with an open mind can see right through Fox’s bias. I am not liberal myself, and I have tried to watch Fox News, but it’s just garbage. That said, I cannot offer an alternative new source that isn’t horribly biased. Most are just disgustingly liberal.

I mostly agree, however Fox is the only news channel that employs commentators who cross the political spectrum:

Far Right: Hannity, Beck, Colter
Moderate/Right: O’Reilly, Cavuto,
Libertarian: Stossel,
Moderate: Greta Van Sustren, Bernard Goldberg
Moderate/Left: Kirsten Powers, Juan Williams, Geraldo Ravera
Far Left: Beckel, Colmes, Dr Hill.

This is in sharp contrast to their competition which is mostly-left or all-left all-the-time. Fox’s differing viewpoints generate interesting discussion and entertaining debate. They also cover relevant stories .. like Benghazi that other networks ignored for 8 months. IMHO, this simple formula explains the fact that Fox has higher ratings than any other news outlet.

I find that most people who really hate Fox News have never actually watched it. They mostly just parrot the attacks they hear from left-wing outlets like Huffington Post, Media Matters, Move-On, MSNBC, etc. Not to mention popular talk-show lefties like Stewart, Colbert, Letterman, Maher, etc.

And here I was thinking that liberty was a large part of freedom and being american…

Brian … sorry, I forgot to ask … what Fox show did you watch that was “just garbage”. If it was say … 10 minutes of Hannity interviewing Coulter, I could see where you might reach that conclusion. Fortunately, far-right agreeing with far-right is a small (and somewhat boring) subset of their programming. Thanks.

Fox is like a passive aggressive relative. Smile at them on the rare occasions that they are nice, but always look for the knife that you know they are holding behind their back.

To be fair to FNC (ugh, I cant believe I’m saying this), a lot of people I know are changing their tune on EVs and electrification of transport in general lately. They aren’t the tree-hugging hippies, but more and more people are starting to see the benefit of EVs as 1) prices come down and 2) the market is shaking out and obvious failures like Fisker are going away and successes like Tesla are making profits.

Most of them don’t want the Volt because its 1) expensive, and 2) too small (no 5th seat). Everyone I talk to wants a plug-in Ford Escape or Chevy Equinox sized vehicle that’ll get 30-50 miles of range per day, and then get a respectable MPG afterwards (25-30). I don’t think that type of vehicle will hit until 2017-2020, but we can hope.

The Volt’s lack of 5th seat is an excuse that is over used. It’s not the inability to cram three people in the back (which no sedan does comfortably), it’s the lack of head room and trunk space that make the car small.

I am only 5’8″ (average height is 5’10”). I like smaller cars. But my head hits the ceiling in the backseat of the Volt. That’s unacceptable.

The trunk space is 10 square feet. As a family of 4, we cannot take the kids away for the weekend without some kind of roof box. Also unacceptable.

Yep, it’s a compact. But at least it’s a hatchback, which allows me (driving by myself) to carry lots of stuff.

It’s funny, listening to my friends that like big cars. Actually SUV’s/Trucks, so that they are up above traffic and can look down. I don’t care about this, and I hate driving SUV’s w/bad blind spots and finding large enough parking spots. Maybe compact cars can install a roof mounted cam that displays the raised viewpoint on a screen in the car. That way even shorter cars can enjoy the elevated view when desired.

It’s like an arms race, to have the bigger gun.

I am very happy with the lower center of gravity and position in my sedan, and only feel it is to low when I am in traffic with all these huge luxury tanks.

I don’t actually want to be higher, I just hate that I am surrounded by a big wall blocking my view.

I have driven the LEAF for a couple years, but only rode in a Volt handful of times, so take this for what its worth. I find the LEAF is a perfect useful space. Adults can sit in the back comfortably, similar to our former Murano. The times I have ridden in the back of a Volt, I smacked my head (I’m average height 5’10”) on the top of the door climbing in. I have actually used the middle seat in the rear of the LEAF on more occasions than I can count, mostly because coworkers were curious to get a ride. It would not be good for long trips, but for 10 minute rides to lunch it was workable. I even had one rider (6′ 2″) choose to be the third person in the back of the LEAF over being the second rider in the back of a BMW 3-series. As far as cargo space, I have been surprised how much stuff I have packed into my LEAF. I don’t hesitate to flip the seats down and take it to Lowes or other stores with larger stuff than groceries. I have also packed in coolers, beach chairs and bags.… Read more »

I can confirm that the LEAF is an extremely versatile vehicle. In terms of cargo space, the ’13 should be even better with the onboard charger moved under the hood. By the next gen, Nissan should have the electronics shrunk down enough to provide room for a “frunk”.

Even in the ’11, I have fit a mountain bike and 2 small kids bikes in the trunk (wheels removed) without even folding the seats down.

When over 95% of people like something, it will be reported properly….


People actually watch FOX news ? the most blatant lies and twisted truths ..

*I won’t forget what they “tried” to do with all EV’s at some point. Miss informed lairs!

(Maybe the owner of Fox now wishes to invest in in Tesla now mmmm ?)
Murdoch Family – best world wide “NEWS” and Gambling den “Entertainment” Crooks in Town !
(I should know as they hail from Australia.)