Video: Ford Discusses Future Peer-to-Peer EV Sharing


In this video, Ford’s executive vice president of global marketing, Jim Farley, discusses the future of urban mobility.

Ford's Farley Discusses P2P and EVs

Ford’s Farley Discusses P2P and EVs

As Farley sees it, shared ownership of vehicles will become a growing trend in the future.  Farley says that peer-to-peer sharing is what we’ll see emerge.

Additionally, Farley says that electrification will become increasingly common across the entire automotive industry.  Electrification will make its way into the peer-to-peer sharing of vehicles.

P2p plus electrification will become the definition of new mobility in some of the world’s most populated cities, according to Farley.

Check out the video for more on what Farley thinks the future holds in terms of urban mobility.

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Soon we can download electric vehicles from Piratebay and print them at home with 3D-printer. Or did I get it wrong what they ment with peer-to-peer sharing?


Utter nonsense. IMHO, this sharing concept has failed to date because it’s an unrealistic ideological fantasy. And that is also why it will continue to fail in the future, EV or not.

The car sharing in a peer-to-peer version will surely fail if attempted. But the car sharing with companies that have a pool of cars is growing and will be huge in the future.

The really big break through for car sharing in any kind of way will be when we have autonomous cars so that it will be outside your door in less than a few minutes when you want one. But it will be companies who own the cars and do the service/change tires/makes sure they are recharged etc.

Why, that’s corp-robo-communism…

The Kandi “vending machine” car sharing concept is the way to go in major cities of developing countries:

By the way, Kandi stock (KNDI) is the investment opportunity of a life time.