Video: Ford Begins Ad Campaign For C-Max Energi


If this ad is any indication, it looks like Ford is finally starting to solve the inventory issues that have plagued C-Max Energi sales the last couple months.  In January, Ford only sold 338 C-Max Energis, well down 2012 levels that averaged over 1,000 plug-ins per month.

That being said, it would have been hard to sell many more than that, as Ford only managed to ship out about 600 to dealers during the month, and national inventories often threatened to fall below 100 C-Max Energis available.

However, all that has changed in the last week or so, as dealerships are now receiving a solid flow of Ford’s 21 mile, extended range, plug-in.  National inventory has now rebounded to north of 600 units, and growing steadily.

“We had a strong launch and are pleased with the overall reception of the C-MAX launch campaign,” said C.J. O’Donnell, marketing and strategy manager, Ford Electrified Vehicles. “But this is just a start; we intend to take a much larger share of the hybrid market.”

Whether or not you are a fan of Ford’s C-Max Energi, we bet you can’t help but smile whenever you see any plug-in vhicles getting their due on national TV.

Ford also released a commercial specific to the C-Max Hybrid at the same time, and we begrudgingly include it below:

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“and we begrudgingly include it below”

Why begrudgingly? Do you not like the “La Linea” style commercials?

Gotta have a plug. Its the mantra. Tough line that limits some good reports but I buy it.

Ah, ok. I missed the missing “engergi”. LOL.

These ads resonate. The cute music, the upbeat feel – and C-Max
Energi sales beating out rival Prius V in it’s first month seem to
reflect that.

I think Ford got the plug story right in it’s first try where GM struggled
for years to come up with a way to convey Volt to the masses until
it finally got “Electric When You Want It, Gas When You Need It!” right.

These ads are simple – which is a stark contrast to how complex
(interesting to us – perplexing to the mass market) PHEVs, BEVs
and EREVS are.

Mainly, it will bring hybrid shoppers, or people considering one for
the first time – to Ford showrooms where the upsell to the Energi
makes sense – some will bite, some will go for the hybrid…. It’s
the sensible path to PHEVs ( someday EVs ) that consumers must
follow for a larger part of our population to migrate to a plug.

* not to mention Ford’s “fuzzy math” from which they get
their mpg numbers….sheesh-Ford!

They’ll run those numbers until somebody makes them

Yeh james. Looks like it gets about the same MPG in gas mode as the Volt….and same in electric. but it doesn’t have nearly the same pep in all electric mode as the Volt.

A Volt MPV would clearly outshine this vehicle due to its superior everything.

The difference is that if your average daily commute is less than 20 miles, you get it all electric. And for $8k less than the Volt. Along with being able to carry 5 people instead of 4.

It’s not nearly as nice as a Volt. If you want something like the Volt, you have to go with the Fusion Energi.

WOW….just found data in a Ford presentation titled ‘Consumer Reports Hybrid Testing’, that shows that Prius Liftback, c and v did worse based on CR data than CR had announced.

– Prius Liftback was 19mpg off EPA estimates
– Prius c was 16mpg off EPA estimates
– Prius v was 10 off EPA estimates
– While Ford C-Max/Fusion Hybrids both were off 10mpg EPA estimates.

So it’s not as much about Ford and fuzzy mileage numbers, but more about why CR is attacking Ford, when Toyota has a much larger mpg variance.

It’s page 46 of the presentation. There is stuff about plug-in and EVs there also 🙂

Can’t say I’m thrilled with the add. I guess it’s just OK.

George, the ad isn’t geared towards you or me….It’s designed
for my sister-in-law, the elementary school librarian who buys
CUVs like a robot and thinks hybrids are “kind of radical for
greenies”. This ad is for my sister who thinks “hybrid thingies”
are just too complicated and, “how can anyone figure out all the
kilowatts and charging hassles”. The ad is slanted towards
the folks like my friend who just thinks he needs a great big
car to carry stuff and “I’ll think about a plug-in car when they
perfect them”. It’s also for folks who have an eye out for better
mpg, but feel EVs are dumb and hybrids boring.

These folks are the ones who buy the most cars. They want
mpg but are literally afraid of cars with electricity. Light hearted
stuff like this opens people’s minds – even those who have
“Prius-phobia” – a palpable trait lots of folks have due to Prius’
stereotypes. This explains the need for upbeat and fun
in hybrid advertising.

Remember, manufacturers cannot slam gas cars because that
is where their biggest profits are. It’s a delicate balance to sell
cars that are more efficient, and also sell big dinosaurs that
gulp fossil fuels like alchies.

* When they post MPG/MPGe numbers, they risk making the
rest of their lineup look old and tired ( which they are! ).

They state things like “see the HIGH MILEAGE…BLA BLA”,
with that car’s max HWY MPG. What if they advertised what
that car REALLY GETS – ” ….come see the HIGH MILEAGE
20 MPG TUBOLARD!”…. That wouldn’t go over too well…

It seems word of mouth marketing and the internet, overwhelmed production of both the C-Max and C-Max Energi for a while. I guess now that there are over 900 certified dealers nationwide and some dealer inventory, it’s time for print/tv/radio marketing.

My guess it will be another month(April) before we see any Fusion Energi ads, since production just started this month, and Ford has the preorder back log to fill.