Video Of First Western U.S. BMW i3 Delivery


Ashlan Coustea - Proud Recipient Of BMW i3 #1 on West Coast

Ashlan Coustea – Proud Recipient Of BMW i3 #1 on West Coast

South Bay BMW of Torrance, California is proud to be able to say that it delivered the first BMW i3 in the Western U.S.

“Ashlan Cousteau takes delivery of the first BMW i3 in the Western United States.”

Coustea, an Electronaut (BMW ActiveE lessee), appears thrilled to take delivery of the BMW i3.

The first U.S. delivery of the BMW i3 took place in Boston on May 2, 2014.

This first Western U.S. delivery followed shortly after, but the video just went up earlier this week.

By now, we presume a couple hundred i3 BEVs have been delivered.  However, exactly zero BMW i3 REx vehicles have been delivered in the U.S., despite hundreds being at U.S. ports.  What’s the hold up?  No Monroney sticker for the i3 REx.  Without that, sales can’t occur.

BMW is not commenting on why the i3 REx is still without an official Monroney sticker.

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I’m sure somebody else will say it so I want to be the first.. “Dang, she’s hot!” But she also seems very smart too. I’m guessing this was the all-electric version and not the REx since that version has not been EPA certified yet.

Some more stalking for you:

I guess our Y Chromosome Syndrome causes us to be Blinded by the Blonde.

Anyway, good for her!

Meanwhile I have a *teeny* hunch, that maybe it’s BMW who are trying to haggle with EPA to increase their REx range estimate a bit, because it was disappointing… I just cannot see why the EPA would release the REx so long after the BEV – but I can see a scenario where the maker holds it up.

Is she like 6’4″ tall?

a rather odd biography…why do i suspect that maybe she wrote it herself?

Coustea – “My first car when I turned 18 was a BMW.”

Must be nice… I had a beat up Oldsmobile until I turned 23, when started earning my own real money so I could buy myself a new car.

I got a rusty VW rabbit from my parents.

She is cute and the car is girly it is perfect for her. I though all cars can re recycled 90% not only BMWi3.

BMW i3 is not a “girly” car by no non-idiosyncratic stretch of imagination.

She is too tall for the car!

i guess the idea is that you are supposed to be so distracted by her short dress and long legs that you wouldn’t notice her rather scrunched posture. i suppose that is why they didn’t show her getting *into* the car; instead, they showed as the door was being opened for her and *after* she had been seated. judging from the position of the steering wheel, you know that it she had to do some maneuvering to get into that seat.

I agree with you. Do you think they paid for the filming too?

She’s a 718

They should hire her to be the i spokesperson. She almost has me ready to buy one. Beautiful, smart, well spoken, great voice. Wonder what her occupation is currently?

According to the wikipedia link up above, she’s a correspondent and fill-in anchor for E! TV.

…and the wife of Cousteau’s grandson. Perhaps she should have waited that Elon transforms the James Bond Sub Lotus into a for sale Tesla sub, it would fit well in the family.

in general, she strikes me as being somewhat typical of the fickle EV enthusiast customer; she is excited today, and among other things excited about being the “first kid on the block” with the BMW i3. for these kinds of people the enthusiasm fade and then they move on in pursuit of the next “toy”. you saw this with the Chevrolet Volt; some of the most excited bloggers, who initially posted comments that made it seem like the Chevrolet was manna from heaven, eventually cooled in their enthusiasm and eventually moved on to something else. no company can maintain a sustainable business model by relying on such a fickle customer base; at least no company that manufactures high fixed cost products like automobiles.

Since she was an Electronaut who leased an ActiveE and then purchased an i3, I think we can safely conclude that she is more than just a Fickle EV enthusiast.

It doesn’t appear as though she minds the attention from receiving her i3 on camera, nor is BMW disappointed to be presenting it to someone so attractive. I suspect a ringer.

the ActiveE program is a *marketing* program; the purpose is to groom enthusiasts who feel that they are part of the BMW “team”. right now, they are getting lots of attention, and as you noticed, she is getting the “thrill” of being the first in California to get a BMW i3 (go back and watch the video and you will notice that that was important to her).

people like this lose their enthusiasm when the attention fades. that hasn’t happened for her yet, so i think your conclusion is not correct.

I guess she never heard of Tesla?

I’m sure she has but a Tesla didn’t fit her vehicle requirements for start to finish environmental sustainability. She talks about it around 7 minutes into the video.

Yes, she was gracious in not mentioning Tesla by name not being 97% sustainable, a very good point.

you’ve got to keep in mind that she was “selected” for the BMW ActiveE program; so she was going to be bought into a BMW EV regardless of what the car was that BMW released. it’s the same thing with tom moloughney, who posts articles in this forum.

she’s in the program so she has to praise bmw by brainwashed default,

we all know there’s nothing better than a Tesla.

when she was prattling on about how much “sustainability” was important, she was clearly reciting talking points. the whole video has a kind of “staged” quality about it.

that said, i don’t agree with your talking points with regard to Tesla.

And I don’t agree with your talking points with regard to Tesla.

Did Ashlan mention the sustainability of the 750Li or Rolls Royce that BMW manufactures?