Video: First Spy Footage Of Cadillac ELR Hot Weather Testing In Death Valley

NOV 20 2012 BY JAY COLE 9

Cadillac ELR And Sister Car Chevrolet Volt Do Some Comparison Runs In The Heat

The Cadillac ELR officially breaks cover this January at the NAIAS (Detroit Auto Show), but who doesn’t want to see a little “spy” footage before then?  We are putting “spy” in parentheses because it looks like a pretty official unofficial release from General Motors to us.

A Good Glimpse Of The ELR's Nose...Looking Very Cadillac-y

But who cares?  Our first real good look at the Cadillac ELR in action can not be a bad thing.

GM says ELR will start production later in 2013, and that the Cadillac will be sold as a model year 2014.

However, we know production has to start by at least August 19th, 2013, as the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance has already confirmed that a production Cadillac ELR off the line from Michigan will first be displayed at their event next summer.

Video via EdmundsInsideLine

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I guess you mean ‘production has to start by at least August 19th, 2013’

It has to measure up to the Tesla Model S now. The world is moving fast. if they wait too long, it will also have to measure up to the new BMW’s.

It’s coming….interesting they aren’t putting the Volt drivetrain in a similar level Buick or lower level car like the Malibu….


Remember tat “production start” is not a one time event. GM will likely do two or three “Manufacturing Validation Build” events of a few dozen cars each in the six months prior to start of volume production. The later MVB cars will be salable and could go to pebble beach months before cars are available to the public.


I must say that it appears GM has really stuck close to the concept at least for the exterior. This will be a good addition to the Cadillac stable.

I think the Volt looks better than the ELR.


Hot weather testing in November? Give me a break…

Maybe the video is from October, but they just released it now, it got up to 113F last month there. 94F is peak so far in November.

Just look at the car drive around already, hehe.

Given it’s based off the Volt drivetrain they’re already using a proven drivetrain, so technically only limited tested would be necessary. That’s the benefit of sharing a platform.

Good to see the next generation Plug-in from GM. Do we know any of the specs?

Do we know anything about a CUV version?