Video: Fiat 500e Lead Designer Explains How the Electric 500 is Different From its ICE Counterpart


Design wise, what sets the Fiat 500e apart from its gas-burning counterpart?

Unique to the 500e

Unique to the 500e

The differences are in the details, says Nick Malachowski, lead designer for the electric 500.

There are a few necessary aero tweaks, including a front facia and valance.

Flush wheels reduce drag, mirror caps and unique side sills help eke out every mile of range possible.

At the back, a new rear fascia completes the exterior package.

There’s more to learn in this video as Mr. Malachowski describes the uniqueness of the 500e to Autoline’s John McElroy.

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9 responses to "Video: Fiat 500e Lead Designer Explains How the Electric 500 is Different From its ICE Counterpart"
  1. Electric! says:

    i guess this video is for retards

  2. Foo says:

    uh…. what?

  3. Rick Danger says:

    One detail they forgot about was keeping the front wheels on the car.

    1. Just_chris says:

      The front wheels falling off was is common to both the ICE and EV versions. This article was specifically looking at the differences.

      1. Foo says:

        That’s right… customers will be sure to appreciate the distinctive valence styling, which will accentuate the wheels falling off in either version.

      2. Rick Danger says:

        I didn’t hear about it until the EV version, my bad.
        Unbelievable that Fiat makes it’s return to the States after 20 years or more, and the front wheels fall off of both versions!

        1. Just_chris says:

          You’ve never owned an Italian car have you, the important thing is that it looks good, trivialities like wheels falling off or engines overheating is something other car manufacturers should worry about. Serious mechanical failure is all just part of the charm:)

          1. Rick Danger says:

            Actually, I owned 2 ’69 Fiats, and I had my share of problems with both, but never the wheels falling off.
            I fear Fiat is not long from leaving the US market again. I hope Alfa’s cars have improved a bit more.

  4. Steven says:

    “But this one goes up to eleven…”