Video: Fiat 500e is a Charmer; Priced to Shock


The most shocking aspect of the Fiat 500e is its price: $32,500 before incentives or $199 per month to lease for 36 months with $999 down.

This schematic provides most of the electric 500's vital details.

This schematic provides most of the electric 500e’s vital details. (Click to enlarge)

But price is only part of the electric vehicle equation and if an automobile isn’t at least somewhat enjoyable to drive, then why would anyone care if it’s priced to sell?

The Fiat 500e is one of those vehicles that’s both priced right and a joy to drive, according to almost every first drive review out there.

Its range is 87 miles, according to the EPA, but several documented drives have already shown that the the 87-mile figure is probably on the low side.

Top speed is 88 mph and it’s cute as a button, but what’s it like to drive?

To find out, we searched the Internet for a comprehensive review of the 500e, but due to its infancy, we came up short.

So, here we present the most descriptive, in-depth Fiat 500e review out there.  While it still lacks the detail we’d like to see, there’s nothing else out there at the moment that really “reviews” the 500e quite as well as this video from The FastLane Car, which concludes by saying:

“Most importantly, the new 2013 Fiat 500e Electric is fun to drive.  It retains all of the charm of the current Fiat 500, but of course non of the tail pipe emissions.”

via The Fastlane Car

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If they like this funny-looking little EV, then they should love the faster and more practical Spark EV.

All ~140″ B-segment EVs are going to look a little “funny”. Spark has faster 0-60, 500e has faster on-board charger. I agree that the race for customers will be interesting.

From this link:

“Not only is Spark EV quick for its segment, its industry-first SAE combo charger will allow DC Fast Charging of up to 80 percent of battery capacity in approximately 20 minutes.”

I thought it was strange the 500e doesn’t have the option of a fast charger. I guess they’re looking to make the batteries last as long as possible? Even my i-MiEV has fast-charging capabilities.

The 6.6kW charger is a nice touch though.

“Funny”, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. The vast majority of cars sold in the last forty years look like furniture to me.

Wow.. so it has more range than a Leaf and costs roughly the same. Unfortunately, I find the Fiat 500’s to be very ugly. However, I realize a lot of people must like them because I see plenty of the gas versions on the road.

Maybe it’s like a pug dog. So ugly, it’s cute.

Don’t forget that many people find the LEAF’s design quite… um… strange, too. The LEAF has the practical advantage that it is a 4-door. I have a little one, and I don’t want to struggle to put her car seat into a 2-door vehicle.

I’m sort of ambivalent on the looks. But, I must be an outcast in thinking that for $32,500 I’d like to see more utility. Sure it’s quick (gets you to the next red light faster), charges up faster (finishes at 1am instead of 3am), and has longer range (you end your day with 20 miles left instead of 10), but getting more than two adults inside would be uncomfortable, or at least not as comfortable as the 5 one can get in a Leaf or FFE.

So, I’m actually surprised to see the price so HIGH. I think it should be somewhere between the Leaf price and the Smart price … like $29k or less. Of course, if it’s a compliance car (as it appears to be), it won’t really matter. But, if there are enough early enthusiasts, they’ll move it to other markets and perhaps lower the price. As always, it’s great to see new competition and real (even if it’s only California at the moment) EVs that will show up on the road.

Sergio Marchioni is still complaining he loses $10,000 on each 500e sold. Since it only has a small battery (what is it? around 24 kwh?) I don’t see why this vehicle is not profitable for him. As it is , he complains he can’t sell too many of them without going broke.