Video: EVs Not Catching On in Arkansas…You Don’t Say


In the Ozarks, in Arkansas, electric vehicles aren’t a hit.

That’s no surprise to us, but a local news organization found a way to spin that bit of information into a story against EVs.

Apparently EVs Aren't a Big Hit Here

Apparently EVs Aren’t a Big Hit Here

Admittedly, there are pockets within the US that will likely never support electric vehicles until they are forced to.  We understand this and are fine with the fact that there exists parts of America that will never support EVs.  No problem there, as EVs will catch on where they’re most practical to own.

But THV 11, a local news station in Arkansas, sees it differently.

As THV 11 reports, the issue with EV adoption in Arkansas basically mirrored what’s going on in the rest of the US (that’s not true, but THV 11 reports it as such):

“THV11 found out that of the more than 2.6 million registered vehicles in Arkansas, only 165 of those are electric.

It’s not surprising to General Sales Manager Brandon Jones at Landers Toyota in Little Rock. He said customers rarely show an interest.

“We don’t hear a whole lot about it. You go to New York or California and you see them on every corner.”

If a customer does want one, Jones says it would have to be ordered from a “greener” state where they are more popular.

“They are requiring people that travel ‘X’ amount of miles to switch over to that type of vehicle,” Jones explained.

THV11 found out there are 19 free charging stations in Arkansas, with the majority of them being owned by car dealerships.

Four others belong to Entergy Arkansas. Spokesperson Sally Graham said they were purchased in 2011 with a $40,000 share holders grant in partnership with Coulomb Technologies.

They stations are located at the Clinton School, UALR, UAMS, and the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. While THV11 did catch drivers charging up, all four campuses said their stations rarely get used.”

You’ll hear this misinformation and more in the video, so check it out to see the word that is spreading in Arkansas – one of the least likely US states to adopt EVs.

Source: THV 11

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Is there a state-by-state listing of the nearly 150,000 EVs on US roads?

Here’s a stab – 50,000 CA, 25,000 OR, 25,000 WA, 50,000 others 😉

“They are requiring people that travel ‘X’ amount of miles to switch over to that type of vehicle,” Jones explained.

Is Jones implying that people are being forced against their will to buy plug-ins?

Other than that, I don’t really see any misinformation in that blurb. Sure, it’s missing the bigger picture, and can be horribly misleading, but I don’t see anything that’s specifically misinformation. Maybe I’m missing something here?

No that’s my impression too. Often media can be stupid but this one isn’t particularly offensive other than the weird comment from the dealer. It’s not intelligently pro EV but it’s quite factual. It’s just typical media flatline but not really offensive.
Unless the number 165 is not true.
This article is however inaccurate. The segment doesn’t purport that the slow adoption is Arkansas mirrors the rest of USA. It makes a clear distinction and makes no mockery of more advanced EV states at all.

Not that a Toyota dealership would be a big EV proponent in any state. Why didn’t they interview someone at a Nissan or, gasp! a Chevy dealership?

The problem with the report is that it is based on hearsay and speculation. Every time I see an article like this the only thing I have to do is open PlugShare and pan to that area.

I live in Little Rock and have been working with our city and state to expand the charging infrastructure for EV’s. We have plans to install more stations around the city. The last report I received from the DMV indicated 209 plug in vehicles, including 7 Teslas. Comparing the entire vehicle database against the number of EV’s registered is unfair in my opinion, since the Volt and Leaf have only been available here since 2011. EV’s have not really been given a chance to catch on here. I don’t know what number the media has in mind before EV’s can be declared “popular” here. The comments by Jones are typical of the misinformation that is spread through the media. Volts and Leafs are available here. Some dealers are now offering the Ford Focus EV. I monitor the charging stations here and I can say that on any given day at least three of the stations in the downtown area are in use. I have emailed the reporter about the misinformation, but have not yet received a reply.

Major news outlet? Known political bias? These stories often start with a reporter asking himself “Who can I approach who is apt to reject battery powered cars most?”.

Good luck making contact. A lot of these people are approachable, some make their intentions clear.

Why would they go to a Toyota dealer? They are against plug-ins….


The modern EV era is still in its infancy. Give it some time, and OK will catch up, as will the rest of the nation outside of California, Oregon and Washington. It will take years, if not decades, before EV economics works for the average American.

If you drive an EV you are a communist why should you buy one

Looks like the feeling is mutual over at Tesla.

Tesla said they are deploying chargers where the cars are…so I guess they aren’t in Arkansas. Eventually the Dallas guys are going to want to travel to the NorthEast and will want to cut through.

The map is slightly off as far as western ny goes. The only Supercharger planned for the area will be in Ontario’s Southern Peninsula.