Video: Elon Musk Swings a Sword


How’d we not see this video before?

Sword Swinging Elon Musk

Sword Swinging Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk swings a sword within inches of Forbes’ Hannah Elliott at the SpaceX headquarters.

Of course that’s something that should’ve hit our radar, but somehow this one sneaked by us.

Oh well…we present it for your viewing pleasure now.

Musk slices through some greenery and attempts to shred paper in this outtake video captured by Forbes.

It’s worth a watch.

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What’s the context for this point? Obviously no EV news here; so was this an out take from a interview or something?

Its to show that even Elon can be an idiot at times.

Yes its an outtake. How many CEOs have you seen swing a sword like this in front of a camera. Its a light hearted video and we like that sort of thing Hope u guys do too


Why does Elon always have super hot reporters hanging out with him. I mean he’s practically best buddies with Betty Liu.

Simple math:

intelligence + humor + confidence + accent + wealth = hotties


your forgot:
success and carisma 😉
(and it is only certain accents…)

maybe it’s just “wealth = hotties”

And that’s why he designs rockets instead of playing sports. 🙂

Sword swinging is really interesting, but a more interesting article might be about the fourth fire surrounding the Model S. Charging a vehicle shouldn’t lead to a fire IMHO.

I’m surprised this site hasn’t mentioned the fire, considering it happened a month ago.

So faulty home wiring is Tesla’s fault?

According to CherylG it is. 😉

Someone should edit this video and let the sword look like a lightsaber. Headline:
Elon Musk invented a real laser sword. 🙂

This just furthers my suspicion that this site is as much about Musk worship as it is about EVs.

Fairly simple. Women like a man with a prestigious public image. And a dumb man is trying to impress a pretty woman 🙂

I have told you many times that Elon is not the genius you think he is but you wont believe me 🙂