Video: Elon Musk Reveals More Gen III Tesla Details


Following General Motors’ recent announcement that it was working on a 200-mile electric vehicle priced on the cheap, Bloomberg’s Betty Liu hit the airwaves on “Movers & Shakers.”

Could GM's Cheaper Electric Vehicle Compete With Tesla's Gen III?

Could GM’s Cheaper Electric Vehicle Compete With Tesla’s Gen III?

The focus of the clip wasn’t General Motors though.

It wasn’t GM CEO Dan Akerson who spoke.

It was Tesla CEO Elon Musk who Betty Liu turned to and Musk didn’t disappoint.

For the first time ever, Musk dishes out some actual details on Tesla’s upcoming Gen III vehicle.

It’ll be cheaper, have both a front and rear trunk and fit and finish on par with the Model S.

Musk reveals more in this brief clip, so check it out to get the inside scoop on what’s coming with Gen III.

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Ain’t that hard to do right now; all GM needs is for the CEO to order the Volt line to drop the ICE and to go full BEV with a less-costly, more energy dense battery. The delay is in the battery technology, not the car.

I don’t see anything new in this Video except the “produced elsewhere” comment.

Me neither. He basically said “look at the Model S – this is the kind of car we build. But it will be cheaper.”

Well, the Volt doesn’t really have much room for more batteries. You can put more where ICE components are now but it would be a klunky design instead of the low-slung battery placement of the Tesla. I guess the gas tank position would be good but the engine position would not be so good.

Both 🙂

Or simply relocate the car to the nearest dumpster and start clean.

Yes, but *when* will it come, Elon!? That is the question.

Related: I am going to a Nissan dealership this weekend to check out a Leaf. In light of the upcoming advancements, should I lease or buy? Where I live, leasing is substantially more expensive.

Takeshi hi,

You are not in the US I presume? In the US it should be cheaper to lease a Leaf pretty much everywhere, unless I am much mistaken…

I’d say, lease lease lease. The tech is improving too fast. The only exception is if you’ll drive too much to qualify for the lease – in that case the direct gas $$ savings justify the outright purchase.

Check out the other story here today, about a Nissan exec dropping a hint that they’ll do 125 miles (EPA, otherwise it’s bunk) before 2016. They must try and get there, otherwise Tesla will eat them for breakfast come Gen III time.

Yup, I am in Canada, where lease rates are multiples of those in the US (and not just for EVs). But I think you are right – the tech is simply racing ahead too fast. The resale on a 2013 Leaf will be nil once a Gen 3 Tesla hits the market.

I’d say lease also. The new cars mentioned by GM and Tesla are 3-4 years away.

I’d say take over someone else’s lease.

You can do that on leasetrader dot com.

That way your only tied in for say 1.5 years and you can move on

@Takeshi: I asked myself the very same question almost 2 years ago. At the time, leasing a Leaf SL would have been about 400$/month (incl fees etc). Buying was 29k$ (incl all taxes and incentives). I would have liked a used Leaf, but at the time, those were rare and priced about the same as new vehicles. I’m sure this has changed. Quick math, a 3 year lease would cost me half the price of the car new. Said differently: I could have leased a 2012 Leaf, then a 2015, which in all likelihood will not be vastly better (improved nav? 20% more range? lane departure warning?). Or buy a new 2012, give up the little improvements of the 2015, and effectively end up in 2018 with a free EV. In the end, I bought. So far it turns out to be a good idea because I drive it more than I anticipated, 15 to 16kmiles/year. Yes, EVs improve each year, but not dramatically (just compare the 2011 and 2014 Leaf models); for me, not enough to justify the extra cost of leasing. Most importantly, I intend to keep the car for a long time; my previous one was over… Read more »

Thanks, io. It’s helpful to hear from someone who bought an EV and has no regrets as time goes on.

Do you know if future, improved batteries will be available for older Leaf chassis? That is, whether we could upgrade the battery but not the car down the road? Just wondering if this came up in your conversation with the salesperson at Nissan.

Well, I do regret one thing actually. I should have bought it a year sooner! 🙂

No idea whether Nissan will produce “enhanced” battery packs specifically for old Leafs. So far they all look compatible (same shape, same voltage etc), but obviously we have no guarantee that this will remain the case.
Given the number of Leafs which will be on the road when this changes however, I trust that it’s only a matter of time before independent companies start offering rebuilt or upgraded packs — like for virtually any other car part. I’m not worried.

Volt isn’t a good platform. Needs a new car designed from the ground up.

Agreed – The Volt was designed as a PHEV from the ground up, not as a BEV. I would like to see the Volt continue to be improved to be a better PHEV and see a different car designed from the ground up to be a BEV.

Better yet, make sure it’s designed EXCLUSIVELY as a BEV. The i3 was designed to have a REx which leaves a lot of wasted space if you opt out of the REx. Once again, Tesla has the right idea.

haha, seems like Tesla and Nissan are stirring up a war of narratives about their next gens… hopefully they will both deliver.

Aaaannd TSLA cleared 190.

Does anyone know what will happen to TSLA stock once all the Tesla / Elon Musk fanboys have bought up all the stock they can afford? Better be ready to sell fast.

The more people hear about tsla the more they will buy the stock.
Dont kid yourself, that stock has just begun….think Toyota is big? Hold on to your hats, tesla is not just about cars, its a whole new package deal that includes free fast charging for life. Imagine if GM or Ford had installed free gaz station when theyintoduced the gas car over a hundred years ago, unthinkable right? If Nissan had any guts they would have done it, but they didnt and tesla did. This aint no buble and if you think it is, sell your stock… i dare you…

I just like how this is being talked up as race or competition. Come on Ford, let’s make it a 3 person race. First to 200 miles and $35K wins!

Until Ford fixes the Focus’s “stop safely now” issue, I won’t even consider a BEV from them.

They need a ground up BEV too. Not another “lets turn one of our existing cars into an EV” things.

Arrrr, competition gooooooodddddd……

“Somewhere else”? Might I suggest the Detroit / Flint area? There’s already a population that knows a thing or two about building cars. There’s already a rail infrastructure, and lots of big vacant buildings. It could be a win – win.