Video: Elon Musk Admits to Tesla-Apple Meeting – Discusses Giga Factory and Possibility of Mergers / Acquisitions


Though Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk didn’t discuss the Tesla battery giga factory or the Tesla-Apple meet-up during the earnings call yesterday, he did hold a phone interview with Bloomberg in which both topics (and way more) were discussed.

Musk Answers Some Hard Questions on the Phone

Musk Answers Some Hard Questions on the Phone

On the Apple meet-up, Musk stated:

“We had conversations with Apple.  I can’t comment on whether those revolved around any kind of acquisition.”

The description that goes along with the Bloomberg video is as follows:

“Elon Musk, chief executive officer of Tesla Motors Inc., talks about the company’s plans for a “gigafactory” to supply batteries, Model X SUV, talks with Apple Inc. and fourth-quarter profit. Tesla reported net income that beat analysts’ estimates and projected a 55 percent increase in vehicle deliveries. Musk speaks with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

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If I were Musk I would refuse interviews from an outlet which continues to show clips of Toyota FCV, and Bmw i8, during a conversation with me. Are they complete idiots or just did not have enough telsa clips to show?


It’s an interview, not an advertisement. They were showing other “competing cars” (in the sense of future-looking technologies that compete with ICE). Seems appropriate to me.


Let’s be clear, SEC rules ban Elon from discussing this in this sort of forum. The idiot asking the question either doesn’t know enough about finance to know Elon can’t legally comment, or was intentionally fishing for Elon’s “no comment”, in a vain attempt to make news out of the controversy that Elon made a “no comment” statement.


no comment.




I understand what you are saying. I was just talking about the background video while Musk was talking. I assume it was a stock clip they had on a story they did on electric vehicles. One second you are on the showroom floor with Tesla, next thing you know you go outside with a Toyota FCV, and the Bmw i8. I was just commenting on the poor video editing.
I thought the interviewer while annoying did ask some good questions.
One thing said about him answering questions more definitively in the past was funny. when, in answer to the apple acquisition question, he said, “selling Tesla was highly unlikely”.
My answer to the follow up question, alluded to above would be, if I were Musk:
I am trying to learn to be more cautious in what I say and how I say it.

Anthony Fiti

I’m surprised by how close they feel they are to autopilot. I know the hardware is really close, within a year or two we’ll have the necessary sensors (radar, lidar, sonar, optical cameras, whatever else) in a robust package that is suitable for integration with a car. But I figured that the software would take many years after that, especially the certification and insurance processes associated with manufacturing and selling a car with an “autopilot” function.


I think “autopilot” needs to be more clearly defined. We already have collision avoidance, adaptive cruise, auto-parking, lane departure detection, etc. What is auto-pilot going to actually be. Will it be like Nissan’s version, where the driver sits in driver’s seat, but doesn’t touch the wheel? What’s the point of this, if he still needs to keep his eyes on the road? This would make me fall asleep.


Kinda shocked by “Autopilot” coming out of that interview. Sounds awesome. 🙂