Video: Driving a Nissan LEAF With Zero Battery Temperature Bars


For Nissan LEAF owners who reside in cold regions, you’ve probably become accustomed to occasionally driving the LEAF with zero battery temperature bars on the display.

44 Miles of Remaining Range - 0 Battery Temp Bars

44 Miles of Remaining Range – 0 Battery Temp Bars

For Nissan LEAF owners in warmer climates, seeing zero temp bars is likely foreign to you.

Luckily, we now have video of what it’s like to start and then drive a LEAF with zero temp bars.

The bit at the end is perhaps a bit humorous, but don’t be deterred by it and we can personally attest to the LEAF more than adequate performance in the snow.

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based on the hanging J1772 cable outside the garage, I’m guessing this Leaf doesn’t get parked in the garage. That would probably help a lot!

“…and I’m stuck.” Having lived through plenty of Michigan winters myself, I can relate. Listening to the video with headphones on let me hear that weird sound snow makes when you drive over it. I hate that sound. 😛

Yep, I noticed that too. That is where the little woman has her car.

Stuck because the snow or not battery juice????

Yeah, that 44 miles probably means inches in that cold 😉

I guess that is a 2011 or 2012 LEAF. It seems that the bars represent much different temps in my 2013.

At the same temp as per LEAF Battery App, I would have two bars. Max power would also be restricted with one or two double-circles missing.

We had two days of -18 deg F on my morning drive to work in Denver. I have a 2012 Leaf which I THINK has a battery heater? The car was garage kept at about +15 deg at the start of my morning 12 mile drive. The battery bars dropped from three or four to two, but never below, even hours later at lunchtime when the air was warmed up to about -5 deg F. On those days, with my heater maxxed out at 5 kw and seat warmer on, I estimate the range capability to have been about 55 miles.