Video: DRIVE – “5 Steps to Not Hating Electric (Race) Vehicles”


“You love the vicious sounds, smells and excitement of combustion cars. But can you learn to love electric cars the same way?”

Those are the words of DRIVE, presenters of this video titled “5 Steps to Not Hating Electric Cars.”

Below we’ve listed the steps, but the 28-minute video provides all the details.  We do suggest you watch it in its entirety, as it presents a unique take on EVs from the go-fast perspective.

Step 1

Step 1

step 2

Step 2

step 3

Step 3

step 4

Step 4

step 5

Step 5

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I’m sure there were similar Steam Engine articles to help convert the masses to Gasoline propulsion, back in the day. 😉

As a train fan I can tell you that many train fans of the 1940s-1960s were aghast at the move from steam to diesel-electric locomotives. (Aside: You did know, didn’t you, that modern train locomotives have one electric motor per axle, and that the purpose of the diesel engine is to generate electricity?) The superiority of diesel-electrics was undeniable. They required much less than half the maintenance staff and facilities and could reliably travel much farther distances between maintenance runs. But, as every little kid will tell you, the steam engines with the visible pistons and rods and the great chuff sounds are just a lot cooler. So, like today with other topics, within the train community there was a large segment of deniers who insisted that steam was better and that the whole diesel-electric movement was a conspiracy. No, really. Like today’s deniers they had all sorts of “evidence” they cited, like how diesel facilities were shiny and well-kept while steam facilities were dirty and neglected. A few of these deniers were in charge of major railroads and resisted the diesel movement as long as possible – most notably Norfolk and Western which held on until the early 1970s… Read more »

‘Chugga-chugga choo Chooooooo!’ 😉

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

“(Aside: You did know, didn’t you, that modern train locomotives have one electric motor per axle, and that the purpose of the diesel engine is to generate electricity?)”

Looks like locomotives may start getting useful regenerative braking rather than just venting motor heat:

This video seems to be more focused on electric race cars, not street cars.

With the minimal engine noise, I’d love to see electric racing focus a lot on crowd chants and reaction, like traditional sports, which are proof that you don’t need noise for entertainment.

I do love the noise of a finely tuned high performance racing (or street) engine, but these guys have convinced me that there may be just as much to look for in electric engines. As they say, EVs are not really silent, especially at high speed, and furthermore, there are plenty of other noises that will no longer be drowned out, like tire, aero and braking noises. They also make an excellent point about noise ordinances at local tracks that prevent some racing to take place, which will be moot with EVs. The whole discussion is packed with very good info and well worth watching entirely.

people love the smells of combustion engines? well if they love them so much then why dont they connect the exhaust to the interior cabin of cars and disable the ability to roll down windows so they can all enjoy the smell which they love

I feel that way about cigarette smokers… 😉