Video: “Downfall” Parody – Tesla Model S Invasion of Germany


“This is a parody of the rant scene in the German film “Downfall.”  It now involves Tesla Motors Supercharger stations surrounding Berlin as electric cars replace those with internal combustion engines.”

The Supercharger Invasion

The Supercharger Invasion

Says the video description.

For those that don’t know, “Downfall”  is a 2004 German war film depicting the final ten days of Adolf Hitler’s reign over Nazi Germany in 1945.

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Das ist gut.

Funny! 🙂

This is epic!

The character should have been Putin ; ) oil is so 19th century!

I think with the latest wave of violence between Russia and the Ukraine Russia could in theory cut off oil and natural gas to Europe to raise prices and cause oil mayhem.

This was very funny.

But I think an extreme leftist like Hitler probably would have been an EV advocate … at least on the surface. That way he could have used Eco-socialism as another tool to manipulate the masses:

He certainly would not be quoting extreme-right people like Glenn Beck! 🙂

Yes, we have Hitler to thank for the Volkswagen… or, “PeoplesCar”.

Funny thing about that… There is strong evidence to support the claim that the now famous VW Beetle was really copied from a Jewish Engineer, who never got credit for his work:

Ferdinand Porsche was Jewish?

Ganz’s design looks more like a Tatra to me than a Beetle. Now that Tatra was truly ahead of its time.

Yeah, you go pedal that little girl’s bike, Hitler… 😉

This is funny, but only if you don’t understand German. It’s hard to read the subtitles when Hitler is saying something completely different.

By the way, the scene from “downfall” gets used in parodies a lot, but I really recommend seeing it. Bruno Ganz gives an absolutely riveting performance as Hitler, probably the most realistic ever done.

I love these downfall parodies. There are hundreds of them. I can never get enough of them. This one did a pretty good job of working some of the words Hitler says into it . . . they usually only work in ‘Stalin’.