Does The Tesla Model 3 Screen Scratch? Video


Don’t try this at home.

This video presents the Tesla Model 3 screen as it gets attacked by various sharp objects in an all-out effort to scratch it.

It’s a horrifying clip. Trust us. This one is not easy to watch.

Leave it to the YouTubers to try to scratch the Model 3 screen with various objects. Yes, it will scratch. That’s a given, but at what point does this happen?

The guys go all out here in an effort to really mess up the Model 3 touchscreen and we’ll clue you in on the result. It scratches. Badly. But that was the point of the video.

See the damage and destruction for yourself in the video clip above. Note, it’s not for the faint of heart. Cringe…

Video description:

Big question. Does the Model 3 screen scratch? Yes, but at what level?

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Would be interesting to repeat the scratch test on the protection glass…

Yeah, they didn’t show that did they. I’m pretty sure those dedicated glass scratch devices would have cut right through it.

Looks like a scam to me.

I’m sure that if they had just asked an appropriate person at Tesla they could have learned what the hardness of the screen surface was without subjecting us and the car to this cruel video!

Can I sue him for giving me PTSD with this video?

Not really the interesting question. It’s a single-point-of-failure repair wise, as in if the screen goes bad, you have to replace it. immediately (if a single button malfunctions in conventional instruments, it might not necessarily be something vital, so you can take your time finding a cheap replacement). How much does it cost?
The other question is how it does in very bright sunlight like we have 340 days/year. Color-screen mobile devices are absolutely useless here outside. There are solutions — MIL-SPEC laptops have very special screen for this, but the screen alone costs $1500 (IIRC BoM is $1000). I don’t think Tesla’s using those.

Works fine in sunlight, just like Tesla displays have for years.

Omg, it’s glass. Who would’ve thought. Of course it scratches at that level.

No idea why you would bother testing this. The screen in a Tesla isn’t something that rattles around in your pocket or purse, nor does it get dropped on the floor regularly.

Yes, it scratches, if you send away to ebay and get a (handy dandy) nuclear particle ripper tool(tm).

What I’d be more interested in is how the protector affects the touchscreen. The video shows that Tesla did a pretty good job protecting that screen. I don’t want to put up with years of poor touch response just to prevent some yoyo with a diamond ring from scratching it.

I guess just reporting the Brinell hardness rating would have been too simple and easy. 🙄 It certainly wouldn’t have been an excuse for another pointless video!

No it doesn’t scratch, is clear aluminum from Start Trek, people do anything ridiculous to show in YouTube.