Video Documentary: The Difficult History Behind Bringing The Renault Twizy To Market

NOV 30 2013 BY JAY COLE 9

Renault Has Just Recently Introduced The "Twizy Cargo" For Solo Drivers Who Need More Space

Renault Has Just Recently Introduced The “Twizy Cargo” For Solo Drivers Who Need More Space

The Renault Twizy is unlike any other electric car.

It has unique lines, 1+1 seating, can’t be mass produced in the traditional sense, and has gone from concept (first shown at the 2009 Frankfurt Show) to production mostly unchanged.

The higher spec Twizy can travel up to 100 km (62 miles) and as a top speed of 80 km/h (50 mph).

Now Renault has released a video documentary on the history of the Twizy, and illustrates how the company really had no idea what they were doing when they first mapped out the concept, if they could built or get it certified for the road.

For us, we glad they did because it one of the best example of what a utility NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) can be.

Separately, the Nissan brand is testing whether or not to bring a rebadged Twizy – called the NMC, or New Mobility Concept, to regions of the world that Renault does not carry much weight.

(Hat tip to offib)

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Thanks, Jay! I’m not sure but I do hope that the Twizy can still be on sale by 2025. It’s doubtful, so would it still be here by 2015? Renault with its Z.E. range is really hamstrung by being confined to Europe while the LEAF is global. If Nissan gets its way in Japan and if the Twizy at all gets to go to Brazil then we might see this little thing lasting longer than the AVANTIME.

Interesting but they made two major mistakes. No option for a closed cabin and they failed to make it aerodynamic. Had they done those two it would have been a much greater success.

I think you can get aftermarket doors for the rain. Also at these low speeds aero isn’t quite the driver.

I think the twizzy is cool.

Twizy is cool but what I said is true and it would make it dramatically cooler. Or in turn warmer in winter.
That you can get some half assed aftermarket doors is zero excuse.
What you don’t understand is that with good aero it could drive 100km/h with less power and have maybe double the motorway range without adding any cost.
These things matter a lot.
Dare to think. Don’t be status quo sheep.

It is far from aerodynamic, without a doubt, around 0.60cd is poor. Yet the Twizy’s best feature style, and style can easily outweigh function. Style alone has gotten the Twizy this far, with already a cult and an ability to out stage a Ferrari or Lamborghini on the street and make them look as ordinary and plain as a Passat! The same can be said of the Fisker Karma, well the Karma in an extreme case of favouring style over function. Though Renault also offers after market windows, but it’s shoddy at best compared to other 3rd party offerings. Despite the windows, most people who own a Twizy would wear gloves, a jacket and a scarf as some would do when walking on the street in winter. It’s an idea everyone skips over with the hype that the Twizy dealt with over the 2 years. Also, the window-less doors weren’t what most people thought as a deliberate joke or a design flaw, that’s what it inherited from its concept counterpart. Changing little from a concept car to a mass produced one is something that should be respected more (i3, AVANTIME). “…Cars today are almost the exact equivalent of the great… Read more »

So the the first thing you say about the Twizy is that it needs real doors, yet you continue “Don’t be status quo sheep.”

Oh the irony…

Surely some people will want full doors. Therefore heater and/or AC, at least enough to defog the windshield. So now it needs more battery. More weight, larger vehicle… Good, more cargo space. Needs faster top speed now. Audio, nav etc. Longer range. More “conventional” looks…
You’d get a regular car, just like the billions already on the planet. Pointless.

The Twizy was meant to be something between a scooter and a mini-car, and I think the design team stuck to its guns, carefully avoiding feature creep. Good, because we likely would have never heard of them otherwise.

Btw, thanks for the video offib and Jay.

this is a BS! PR commercial. The next twizy has to be cheaper and more aero.
This 1 has to sold allot cheaper and a lower fee on the accu.

No! You ARE a BS!

I did drive a Twizy for some days. And its just FUN.

– everybody smiles
– More attention than a Ferrari TRUE ! Never had so many conversations.
– Great open feeling in Summer
– cool doors opening up

It like a City-Motorcycle with 4 Wheels and a Roof so you dont need a helmet.
Its limited to 80 km/h so no need for High Speed-Aerodynamics 🙂

Hope there will be a Twizy2