Video: Detailed Overview of Smart Fortwo Electric Drive


What do you want to know about the third-generation Smart Fortwo Electric Drive?

Smart Talks Fortwo Electric Drive

Smart Talks Fortwo Electric Drive

If you’ve got questions, this man here has the answer.

Heiko Schmidt, Mercedes-Benz department manager of compact cars, stars in this unique review/overview/interview with The Fast Lane Car.  Schmidt tackles question after question and seem to hit on almost every topic that potential Fortwo Electric Drive buyers would be interested in.

So, if the Fortwo Electric Drive is on your list of possible future EV purchases, then this video review/overview/interview is a must watch.

Were your questions answered?  What else would you like to know about the electric Fortwo?


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Tesla Fan

i’ve already written essays and praised the crap out of this car, this coming from a smart ED daily driver, get this car if you can you will not regret it you do not know what you are missing out on

Tesla Fan

also to add that a P85 Model S owner saw my car at plug in day and came over and asked to sit in it he said he loved it, told him i loved his car and said would trade pink slips Lol

MTN Ranger

Video unavailable, do you have the original link?


Link died – that was embarrassing. Fixed now.



Still no answer for fast charger in this country—-I understand it is offered in Europe and according to Smart they will wait to see what demand is first here. Cost of it is approx. $2600 from what I have seen in Europe. Being an apartment dweller I won’t buy any EV without fast charger as I don’t intend to spend four hours at the mall waiting for it to charge.


I think the Smart ED is becoming like the Mitsubishi-i . . . just outshined by other cars out there. If you are in Oregon or Californian, why get the the Smart ED when you can get the 4-seater Spark EV? Or anywhere else, why not get the base model Leaf S for just a few thousand more?


Do you always get the all-you-can-eat buffet? 🙂

scott moore

I’m not going to pay leaf lease rates for this car….


Don; a website called Manzanita Micro may have a fast charger option available.