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What changes related to its interior will make the Byton M-Byte production-ready?

Byton just unveiled its M-Byte electric SUV with a nearly production-ready interior. The company showed it at the 2019 Consumer Electronics show (CES) in Las Vegas. Fortunately, our friend from was on hand to see it up close. Moreover, he sat inside the M-Byte crossover with Byton VP for Intelligent Car Experience, Jeff Chung. The VP talked about how the production cabin tech will differ from the original concept, as well as what Byton must adapt to make the car compliant globally.

The M-Byte concept featured an 8-inch steering-wheel-mounted screen, along with a whopping 48-inch dashboard display. Byton calls this behemoth an SED (Shared Experience Display). According to Chung, last year’s display model was about 80-percent production intent. Now, the model has been updated to be more like an actual production vehicle, but there’s more to come.

To make room for the airbag, the steering-wheel-mounted screen will be reduced in size by about an inch. However, the 48-inch curved SED screen remains intact. In addition, Byton will add another 8-inch touch screen to the center stack. It will help with future autonomous applications.

Motor1 journalist and video production extraordinaire — Clint Simone — wondered if (and how) Byton will be able to pull off this ridiculous level of technology in the M-Byte. Not to mention keeping the SUV’s cost within reach for electric luxury car buyers.

Chung stated that while Tesla and other EV makers are clearly focusing on performance, Byton will direct more effort toward user experience. This could be advantageous if the automaker intends to hone in on the upcoming self-driving market. Autonomous cars won’t put acceleration and driving dynamics at the forefront, since that just doesn’t make much sense if the driver is not engaged.

What do you think? Can Byton pull this off?

Video Description via MOTOR1US on YouTube:

Byton M-Byte Interior Demo

Byton VP, Intelligent Car Experience, Jeff Chung explained what tech is new for production and how it differs from the concept interior shown throughout last year.

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The horror… The horror…

Just one opinion, but it seems maybe like screen size has a diminishing return after a certain size. The Tesla display is already a massive 17 inches, and it can’t be turned off. Having a full-width cabin display AND one on the steering wheel seems like it may be too much of a good thing.

Then again, I’m in the minority on how much time we as whole spend staring at screens, so it’s likely ‘Thumbs Down-Thirty” for me..

A dog and pony show. Look how big our screen is, and how many, we have. A screen for all occasions.

Ah, the gift of a Christmas screen..

My concept has 37 screens. I put one screen in for each button it replaced 🙂
I love that they had the driver screen, then realised they needed the passenger screen so added one into the centre console.
At this point in time that big screen will be super distracting. Maybe once FSD is ready then the big screen will be good, but while the driver is still in control most of the time I think it is going to be a problem.

That Byton M-Byte display makes me appreciate even more Tesla nailing the display size & form.

Can someone remind me why we ban phones at the wheel and allow 5000m2 of screen in cars?

Guaranteed there will be a lot of distracted driver accidents because of that large screen.

And that’s just the people in other cars gawking at that big screen while they are driving past, ha ha!

There is no doubt the screen will take a larger space in the front, but we are all waiting for the flexible OLED screens that will be completely integrated in the hole front dash, they don’t need back light and can look like they are turned off, this will leave designers with the possibility of creating a hole new signature of the car, just like the external design

Jeff Chung needs to realize that huge screen is taking your attention off of the road. Its SO FREAKING BRIGHT it will cause accidents. If you want to watch TV or sit at a computer, don’t do it while hurtling down public roads at 70mph!!!! I saw a test ride video if this recently. This guy rambles on about the screen, the screen, the screen…At some points, he asks the passengers if it is distracting…H*LL YES – ITS SO FREAKING DISTRACTING! 😂 Looking OVER this to see the road? Somebody partook of toooo much medical marilahoocha! I own a Model 3 which he is obviousIy alluding to at one point. If the center control screen was a constant white background, it would be a dealbreaker. Day and night the Daytime Mode in white is such a glare to my eyes, even dimmed down. I use Night Mode exclusively. The white characters on black background totally solves the glare issue. I don’t want a laptop screen in my face fighting for my attention. The screen in the steering wheel holds promise, if it is done well and safely does not impede effectiveness of the airbag. Its nuts giving the passenger a… Read more »

Please, at least use a transparent screen.

What this guy is thinking? Tesla hasn’t put a 19 inches screen in the model 3 because it was too expensive compared to a 15 inches one?

Its FARRRRRRR too distracting.

Maybe if the car was fully 5.0 autonomous, but even then, it is so over the top to be ridiculous in my opinion.

I might as well attach a steering wheel to my 65″ TV.