Video: Consumer Reports Says Electric Chevy Spark Is Best One Yet


“Marking GM’s return to building full-electric cars, the Chevrolet Spark EV improves upon its slow and noisy gasoline-powered version.”

It's Crazy Quick

It’s Crazy Quick

Those are the words of Consumer Reports.  The world’s leading consumer magazine then adds this:

“We think the Spark EV is by far the best version of this car.”

Additional words of praise continue throughout Consumer Reports‘ first drive video review.  Here are some highlights:

“The latest Chevrolet Spark is the most recent EV to attempt to shatter electric cars’ reputation as anemic and inept. And it succeeds, being the best version of this small hatchback.”

“…it’s also one of the most enjoyable electric cars we’ve driven and a compelling overall package.”

“Turning the diminutive Spark into an EV transforms it into a punchy, zippy, fun little runabout, a far cry from the conventional, slow noisy and stiff Spark that earned a meager overall score in our tests.”

Check out the first drive video for all the flattering statements put forth by Consumer Reports.

The Spark EV is currently available in both California and Oregon from $27,495.  It leases for as low as $199 per month.

The electric Spark boasts 82 miles of range, and a 119 MPGe combined rating from the EPA (128 city/109 highway).

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14 Comments on "Video: Consumer Reports Says Electric Chevy Spark Is Best One Yet"

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I’d have to have the upgraded wheels on this thing. I wonder what else one could do to make it look better (aero kit?)

Anyway, when are you guys going to test drive one.???

One of the guys over at GM-Volt that lives in Ca and knows a local dealer is going to test drive it and do a report..

Only one set of wheels available (from what I see).

Aero kits on the spark make it look like a bad Pimp your auto campaign. “You get an F”

In Z-Spec trim, the Spark looks great IMHO:

However, IMHO the Spark-EV as promoted in baby-blue should include a free castration procedure.

George, I think aftermarket wheels would help a lot. A much cheaper option would be a wheel-paint kit and some matching pin-stripes.

Of course, the ultimate would be a full chrome-wrap like Bieber’s Karma! 😉

“We think the Spark EV is by far the best version of this car.” A nicely done, backhanded compliment.

Strange that Consumer report comes out with this so early and the car is hardly sold all over the US let alone the world! It makes me question the crediability of Consumer report!

When it comes to EV sales, California itself is enough to preserve CR’s credibility, and Oregon only adds to it. The car is poised to become a hit, and it’s only a matter of time before demand pushes GM to open up markets in other states.

let me know when it becomes a hit

Well my wife and I test drove one 2 weekends ago and loved it. In fact if it had a 6.6 kW charger we would probably have cancelled our order for the Honda FIT EV. It is VERY nice. BTW the best color is the baby blue.

Both reviews (below) show a black EV graphic on the side of their vehicle. Never seen that before. Is that factory?

You might not have that long of a wait. Good news travels fast…

Wow, at under the$17,500 in CA these are going to sell in the thousands!

Hopefully GM starts distribution nationwide and quickly!!!

I think the Spark EV has taken a page out of Tesla’s book . . . want to sell the EV instead of the similar gas cars? Then give it some clear performance advantages over the similar gas models as a reason for people to buy the electric version! I know no one is going to think of the Spark EV as some hot sports car . . . but it does have more pep than a typical econobox. And you can take that pep into the HOV lane.