Video: Consumer Reports First Drive Fiat 500e; It’s a Hoot to Drive


 “The Fiat 500e electric car is Chrysler’s token entry for complying with California’s zero-emissions mandate. In living with the 500e, it was clear that Chrysler engineers didn’t just phone this one in; they actually sweated the details and came up with an EV that’s fun and appealing.”

That’s the opening paragraph from Consumer Reports’ First Drive review of the soon-to-launch electric Fiat 500e.  The words of praise don’t stop there.  “With its instant electric power delivery, the 500e feels punchy, smooth and effortless. Handling remains tossable and agile.”

Fiat 500e First Drive by Consumer Reports

Fiat 500e First Drive by Consumer Reports

The 500e’s rather sizable 24-kWh battery pack provided roughly 80 miles of range in the hands of Consumer Reports’ testers and its robust 6.6-kW charger was a notable feature.  The test vehicle returned roughly 100 MPGe.

Additional information and words of praise are found throughout the video, but here are a few details not mentioned:

The 500e goes on sale this summer in California.   Only a few thousand will be built.  Pricing is not official, but early estimates put it in the mid-$30,000 range.  The 500e is EPA rated at 87 miles of electric range.  Its MPGe numbers are finalized at 122 MPGe city, 108 MPGe highway and 116 MPGe combined.  The electric 500 is rated at 111 horsepower and 147 pound-feet of torque.

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shawn marshall

35k for a cartoon car.


Now, now, women like small (read manageable and easy/fun to drive) and cute cars. If the 500e would allow more of our better halves to drive an EV it is very important, even at $35k.


I think it’s great looking. I really want one because I’m in Japan and my shortcut roads are so narrow.


If they like 110 HP in that tiny Fiat package, then they should really like the 130 HP that the Chevy Spark EV will deliver.


“Even though the 500e is a much smaller car than a ford focus electric or nissan leaf, it has a considerably larger battery pack — 24 kwh.”

Considerably larger? What??? Let’s review…

500e: 24 kwh
Leaf: 24 kwh
Focus EV: 23 kwh

Nice job, CR.


You get your money back by not having to buy gas and on maintenance.

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