Video: Consumer Reports Details Its Top Picks of 2014 – Tesla Model S


 Consumer Reports is surely fond of the Tesla Model S:

Consumer Reports Selects Tesla Model S as "Best Overall" Automobile of 2014

Consumer Reports Selects Tesla Model S as “Best Overall” Automobile of 2014

Here in this latest video Consumer Reports discusses in details it Top Picks in all of the categories for 2014.  The Tesla Model S discussion starts at the 23-minute mark and runs ’til the 27:30 mark.

Some say, including at least one auto editor at Consumer Reports, that the Model S may well be tops in the luxury, green and overall segments of the automotive industry.

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Big Solar

Sorry this is off topic but where can I find pricing on the ENV200 Nissan van?

Jay Cole

No worries, there is no pricing yet.

Although you don’t have to wait long as the production version debuts in the flesh here (Geneva) tomorrow – we already have production shots up (here). Sales officially start in May in Japan, June in the UK. No pricing…but will be known very shortly.

For the US, deliveries aren’t expected for about another year…so definitely will be no US numbers coming anytime soon.

Big Solar

Thanks a lot!

Bill Howland
They don’t seem to be serious enough on their reviews.. Also, these pod casts are not edited to be sufficiently succint. The big thing is I still remember them calling an I-miev a ‘Golf Cart’, which I-miev owners around here to the contrary absolutely love, especially for the price. I have never owned a mitsubishi, but to say something like that, when owners say something else, puts all their other reviews into question, including taking out a special segment in the review strictly for the Tesla S. They keep saying there is absolutely no issue with the car, very strange, since this is disputed by any cursory look at I still have not seen any hard efficiency data on the S, except for an excellent review on GreenCarReports, since all the software updates have occurred. I’m also wondering why they’re calling this a new car when it is now 2 years old. The complaints they have with the Volt and the Leaf also apply to the S to a lessor extent, depending on your own personal driving patterns. Others here such as ChicagoDan68 have questioned the Luxury Car Segment, who states because of that (much too plain interior, Leather… Read more »
David Stone

I hope then that they never enter the luxury car segment.
Not everyone automatically want cow body parts covering their seats.

Bill Howland

If I buy an S it will have Cloth Seating. But I’m in the minority.


At great risk to my non-credibility I ask (not troll, promise):
With Fast Food killing more cows than anyone would have thought possible all those years ago, why the attention to using their leather in a productive way? Are we arguing that we don’t have enough extra cow parts to choose from? i.e., the amount of bovine waste due to serving the we-need-more-beef-now industries is stunning, aka the ‘leather’ and much else is often thrown away. ‘Cloth’ seating is oil, for what that’s worth.
Not a fan of leather, me, prefer cloth as it holds me better in a high-speed maneuver, but I decided to finally ask.