Video: CNN Money Takes Us Inside the Chevy Volt’s Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Plant


“GM’s Chevy Volt plant in Detroit-Hamtramck is not your run-of-the-mill car factory.”

Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Of The Chevrolet Volt

Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Of The Chevrolet Volt

“The 3.6 million sq. ft. facility with 1,600 workers makes five different models that all come off the same assembly line. Each car travels 16 miles inside the plant before completion.”

Yes, that’s right.  The odometer on each vehicle rolls over 16 miles before its even left the building.  No, that’s not true.

Anyways, here’s a look inside Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly, site of production for the Chevy Volt, Holden Volt, Opel Ampera and Cadillac ELR.


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That looked really primitive.

Dark and dingy compared to upstart Tesla.

Tesla’s plant is an old GM plant.

Old Toyota plant as well.

The difference is red and white paint.

Considering how much more money GM makes on every Impala sold vs. the Volt, it is a wonder the Volt is back up to 3600 cars in US inventory again. I have a feeling that GM is only making a little money on a fully loaded Volt and may be losing a bit on a base model. It is pretty hard to explain their failure to market or build the Volt in real numbers otherwise. We aren’t talking about simply building to the demand, they have actually let Volt inventories fall below 2600 a couple times over the years, which is around 3-5 weeks of sales in a normal month.

Increasing inventory above a certain point wouldn’t produce new demand, but decreasing inventory to the point where most dealers don’t have one is going to strangle sales.

I love my Volt, but it sure looks like it is a place holder until the Gen II can be built more cheaply.

Sweet. “Imported, from Detroit”.

That’s Chrysler’s tag line.

jep, artistic license.

“5 models built there…” ?
Ah, er, Add pushing north of 90,000 2014MY Impala’s, Chevy Bread’N Butter Cars pushing aside Chevy Voltec Platform builds since early summer 2013.
Add runs of the 2014MY Malibu, then Chevy Volt EREV’s and Voltec Platforms are technically sold out on dealer inventories world wide!
Talk about thin supply.


Thomas J. Thias

Here’s another great look:

Good insight Volt. Hopefully the next generation will be spark sales.
People are beginning to tumble to the glories of the Volt and it does have a niche.
I think they should build a special edition with all the options, or most popular options. Build a bunch of those and shove em’ out to dealers.
This is our Volt edition only a limited number have been made:
There would be all this swag for the Volt S.E. some of it complimentary, like hats
with se and your volt number on it.
You: Cool Hat!

Why cant they install HID’s standard instead of frickin halogens! So easy to do it right there… fail.