Video: CNET Lists its Top 5 Electric Vehicles of Summer 2013


CNTE's Top 5 Picks

CNTE’s Top 5 Picks

Now that Summer is upon us and we’re all supposedly on the hunt for the right electric vehicle, CNET strung together its list of the “Top 5 Electric Cars” Summer 2013 edition.

While the vehicles seen here have no direct tie to summer (there’s not one convertible included, not even the Smart Electric Drive cabrio), there’s still something about the warmer weather that we think appeal to electric vehicles buyers.

Of course, warmer weather usually means increased range and perhaps that’s why CNET choose to unveil this list now.

Regardless of the reason, why think CNET’s list and the useful information that accompanies it is worth sharing with others.

Two Teslas made the list (well, sort of).  And no list like this is complete without the Nissan LEAF.

Which other vehicles made the cut?  Watch the video and you’ll soon find out.


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Wha no Spark? I call BS. 🙂

George Parrott

As he said, the Spark is too new, but will likely displace something “next time.”

Just spent the first morning in our Model S, 85 kW, which replaces a 2011 Leaf in our regular driving. Yes, the Tesla is a game changer!

Josh Bryant

Congrats on the Model S George.

You will have to give us a review of your experience after you have driven it for a bit. I am sure many LEAF drivers, like myself, would be interested learning more about your switch from the LEAF to the Tesla.

David Murray

I don’t like the way they dismissed the Volt (and Fisker) because I think a lot of people watching this won’t understand why. And even thought I realize Cnet wasn’t trying to bash the Volt, it could certainly come off that way to some people without understanding why it wasn’t included.

Josh Bryant

Agreed David. Considering it is the best selling car with a plug in the US, you would think they would include it.

It is interesting that Fiat is on the list and Spark EV is not. If the criteria is only BEV in the market by May ’13, they would both be off with the Fit EV or iMiEV in their place.

George Bower

Good that they chose the Tesla 60 kwh version.
I think this one is probably going to be more main stream not just because of the price but because of MPGe. The lower pack weight must have quite a bit to do with it.

I’m hoping in 2 years Tesla will have some sweeter deals on the S.

Maybe even a sweet 2 year lease deal. (A 2 year lease should be less $/mo right??)


Heh. He said the Nissan Leaf “…still looks like Barney.” 😀


I love Barney…he loves me…we’re a happy family.


How does he single out the Fiat for 120V charge time?


He seems to think the Ford has some sort of higher kW 240V AC charger that makes it better than LEAF or 500e…I’m kind of sick of the Ford cheerleading I always hear…seems paid for. Focus is an expensive conversion with a battery taking up half the trunk. It’s no more remarkable than that.