Video: CNBC’s Jim Cramer Takes Tesla Model S on Wacky Test Drive; Says It’s “Magnificent”


Jim Cramer, host of CNBC’s Mad Money and a co-founder/chairman of, recently strapped himself in behind the wheel of a Tesla Model S.

Model S Bumps Roadster Out of Charging/Parking Spot

Model S Bumps Roadster Out of Charging/Parking Spot

This rather zany test drive starts off as usual, but Cramer can’t hide is outward personality and fondness for the Model S for long.

Here are few choice quotes from Cramer, who commented after the drive:

“The car was magnificent.”

“The torque is amazing.”

“…when you get behind the wheel, remember when you first ordered something from Amazon and it came to your house?  This is like Amazon.  Wow!”

“I totally understand why someone who test drives a Tesla wants to buy the stock because it is about as cool a thing as..”

And finally, there’s this comment from Cramer:

“I felt different behind the wheel.”

The Model S made a Cramer a changed man.

Watch the video for the full test drive and post-drive interview.

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4 Comments on "Video: CNBC’s Jim Cramer Takes Tesla Model S on Wacky Test Drive; Says It’s “Magnificent”"

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David Murray

People that get behind the wheel want to own the stock… That’s a good sign, isn’t it?


I’m sure it’s part of a Cramer pump & dump, even though he *attemps* to claim otherwise. Guy is a shady flake and I would not trust a word out of his mouth.


I own the stock and wish I could afford the car today. I know someday I will drive one. The reason I own the stock is because I believe in what Testla is doing for the next generation of transport. I’ve shifted my portfolio to better reflect who I am today.

Brian F

Not a Cramer fan but this time he makes some good points. I have a Telsa and love the stock because long term it will do well. Although the recent pop is too high for what it is today. Hoping for a pullback.

The best idea was the installation of a charger at the inn. More inns need to do this. A simple 240V will attract Tesla owners.