Video: ClipperCreek HCS-40 Charger Battles a Baseball Bat


It’s Friday fun day here at InsideEVs, so why not post video of a charging station getting abused?

Baseball Bat Versus HCS-40

Baseball Bat Versus HCS-40

This ain’t your ordinary charger though.  This is the newly released ClipperCreek HCS-40, which the maker describes as a “unit that could survive the worst abuse and still charge your vehicle every time.”

How’s thew charger fare against a rubber mallet?  A mallet is certainly no match for the HCS-40.

How ’bout a hammer?  Try again.

Surely a baseball bat will do it in, right?

Watch the video.  We think you’ll be impressed.

Hat tip to Jim Burness!!!

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This is why public chargers will never be cheap. They have to be this strong.

Dan Frederiksen


Dan Frederiksen

I’m not sure that’s vandalism, someone just ran over the plug. Second, you can easily still cut the wires if you want to damage it. And third, I don’t think that’s a public station Clippercreek makes. So it would be someone in your house or the neighbors who go a little baseball bat crazy.
It’s of course not relevant for such a product. a Public one has to be fairly sturdy though.


That one in the link may have been just damage to the plug but there was one about 10 miles from my house where the screen was smashed in. Couldn’t tell if it was a bat or pipe or what, but it wasn’t even there for a year when it was wrecked. I’m not sure they ever fixed it since it doesn’t show up on the maps anymore. Real shame.

Chief Safety Officer

Dont try this at home, kids. These are highly trained professionals. You can tell by the protective gear they’re wearing.


…and also by the fact they all parked their expensive cars nearby. Geniuses.

(Tee-hee… I actually love ClipperCreek products.)

Dan Frederiksen

You want your extension cords to be battle hardened. I can’t tell you how many times I have found my extension cords beaten to death by a baseball bat.


Where’s the sledgehammer? Then I’d truly be impressed!


Jokes aside, Clipper Creek had one of the most durable charger lineups since the Roadster days (before even J1772).


This is really dumb !!!! WTF are they trying to prove?????? There is a huge difference between DURABLE AND RELIABILITY…………..I rather have reliability ……to much time on their hands…..lets talk about safety…..what has CC done on educating emergency responders on safety???? NOTHING…


Emergency response to what… charging station accidents?! I assume you mean EV accidents. But, wouldn’t that training be more the car makers’ responsibility?


Yes charging station accidents…..These high voltage devices are capable of some serious injuries or even death. There are a few reports of vandalism, theft and accidents involving these devices. One would think the auto manufacturer would be responsible for training emergency responders……but they didnt…..matter of fact you as a tax payer happens to be paying for this. If the general public actually knew what was going on……there would be some serious uproar…..I am all for the electric vehicle program …..I want a safe program and if you the government plans to put in thousands of these high voltage devices on street corners, malls, schools, and parking garages……please make sure its safe for the general public. There are a number of serious issues with charging stations and its installation process and the lack of an inspection program in some states.

Bill Howland

That thing is HUGE for a 30 amp charging docking station, similar to those Porsche things that are only 12 amps at 220 but take up 1/2 the wall. Its a fashion statement I guess. The porsche things are beautiful and impressive.


Girl at 1:08 is a cutie….