Video: Chris Harris Drives the Renault Twizy

JAN 27 2014 BY MARK KANE 6

Renault Twizy

Renault Twizy

Here is another video review of Renault Twizy. This time, the smallest electric Renault was featured on Chris Harris On Cars in UK.

Chris Harris thinks that this small vehicle is a fit for rentals in holiday places or in city centers.

Commuting at higher speed is irksome due to the whiny noise of the drivetrain.  We’re sure that noise gets annoying after awhile.

Chris Harris criticizes the Twizy for its lack of emotion. Perhaos he should give the Twizy F1 edition a go.

As the video description states:

“It has 17hp and might crack 60mph if you drove it off a small cliff face.”

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thats a toy

I’m sorry, but it’s a bit old with typical Harris criticizing EVs. It’s a problem YouTube/Google isn’t paying attention to. Thousands of users who publish thousands of old videos. It’s almost impossible to find new content that’s not republished because of them. Just one step worse than the hideous dealer ads. I can’t find a new video on electric cars.

“Commuting at higher speed is irksome due to the whiny noise of the drivetrain.”
Just put on your headphones and crank some tunes 🙂

Would like the Twizzy more if they made it look like a 1913 Detroit Electric, or Baker. 😉

This is an old video and Chris Haggis was being his usual dummy self. He has a real fear of EVs but I have been beating him over the head to get him to be less Jeremy Clarkson stupid. I think it is slowly sinking in that EVs will dominate. After he drove the Drayson his tone has shifted somewhat and he was quite positive about the Volt a few days ago.
He’s still an idiot like Clarkson but like Clarkson I think his flaring stupidity has been toned down a lot.