Video: Chris Harris DRIVEs the 2014 Chevrolet Volt


“It’s quieter than a Rolls-Royce Phantom.”

Chris Harris Calls the Chevy Volt a "Complete Game-Changer"

Chris Harris Calls the Chevy Volt a “Complete Game-Changer”

Need we say more?

Those are the words of Chris Harris who reviews the 2014 Chevrolet Volt in the latest edition of DRIVE.

One more quote?  Okay, here’s one last comment from Chris Harris, then it’s video time:

“It’s a complete game-changer.”

The video is now calling for you.  It says, “watch me now!!!

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Sport mode does not ‘double the torque’ and the genset is not turbocharged.

Other than those two nits, the guy seemed pretty excited with Volt.

I wish it “double the torque”. =) But mine doesn’t.

I think he likes it.

Since when does sport mode have double the torque?

It’s a new option on the CY 2014s don’t you know? …it’s pretty sweet Also has a “super” sport for 3x torque.

Maybe double the torque up front- Flooring it in either mode is the same, but it certainly gives more of it to you up front in sports mode when you step on the pedal lightly (and it certainly feels like it could be double- or more).

May I ask a basic question? Although I’m enthralled that he likes the Volt, explain to me exactly why his opinion is so desirable, since he apparently knows little about the car.

Chris Harris, aka @harrismonkey. Used to work at EVO, now writes for PistonHeads (think UK’s Jalopnik) and makes very well received films for /Drive (brain child of JF Musial, and Mike Spinelli and a few of other ex-jalops) on youtube. He is a massive car guy. His endorsement of EVs is very powerful for convincing the car enthusiasts of their merits, thus creating positive buzz for the whole segment, not just the volt.

Chris Harris is one of the most respected and enjoyable car reviewers / enthusiasts on YouTube. He can be seen driving the daylights out of high-end, high-performance cars with impressive skill. Putting high-performance cars through their paces and demonstrating their dynamic strengths and weaknesses is really his forte. And his opinion really matters to his followers. Although I (like you) am glad to see his positive review of the Chevy Volt (I own one), driving more ordinary consumer cars and commenting on their various features has not been what he’s known for.

Harris, like the Top Gear guys, is a “drifter” and that’s not easy. There aren’t many whose skills could rival the Porsche test drivers, but I wouldn’t count his out. What he did in the 918 video was much more than any footage I think has been shot. It was almost odd, as Porsche marketing doesn’t tend to use outsiders, and there’s no way that video got shot without heavy cooperation. Makes me wonder how sales at 845k are going?

I worry, seeing him in the Volt. Glad it appears to have gone well, but not sure he’s ever said much positive about cars that aren’t meant for sliding around.

Has he tried drifting in a Model S or Roadster?

The Volt is really a great car. Being a plug-in hybrid with an EPA 38 EV miles, and about 300 hybrid miles, it’s the best option for a plug-in when you have a daily commute of about 60 miles, and want to take 300+ mile weekend trips without stopping for fuel.

It’s also more of a personal car size, unlike the much larger Fusion Energi, and not a tall wagon like the C-MAX Energi. Which may put it right in the cross hairs of the upcoming 21-25 EV mile. $30k to $32k Focus Energi for MY2015.

Yeah I think it will put it in the cross hairs of the Focus Energi. Many people may not add up the additional savings of the larger Federal tax credit that the Volt would get (and maybe larger in some states like CO too). It is also probably hard for people to put a number on the Volt’s fuels savings due to the additional EV miles they would get with the Volt. We’re easily over 90% EV with no change of driving habits. Wouldn’t be as high with the Energi products. Love our Volt, but I like that Ford is starting to give more options for people to drive EV miles. Maybe this will push GM would bring Voltec to other vehicles, and Nissan to do something other than the shape of current Leaf body.

Hope he drives the Tesla Model S soon. I’d love to see that.

Clips from video reviews like this could & should have been Volt commercials three years ago.

Quieter than a Rolls Royce Phantom? It’s TOO quiet – make it noisier! NOISIER, I say! 😀

Any changes in the range or FE in hybrid mode?


now thats what you call a good looking car.

I love my Volt. It’s not perfect, but for the price it is unquestionably the smartest but on the market for cars within +/-$10K of its price.

My Volt costs $30/month electricity. I never use gas except rare long trips. My prior car cost $200/month gas. Do the math: on gas savings alone I’m saving $10,000/5 years.

The battery has an 8 year warranty and will probably last at least 13-16 years. The battery costs $2200 in today’s prices for a replacement (switch-out).

The only downsides are that it takes four hours to recharge the 40 miles (equivalent range recharge would take 40 minutes in a Tesla Model S), and of course the other limitation is the meager 40 miles before it switches over to gas (gas is soo expensive relative to electricity).

Someone asked earlier just who Chris Harris Is. Some good reply’s above.

I first ran across Chris’s work following FIA Formula E. One of the earliest of the 10 teams is Drayson Racing. Founded by the Land Speed Record holder Lord Paul Drayson, Mr. Harris, being the Super Car reviewer that he is known to be decided to pay Drayson a visit and take a spin in his lil electric car.

What happens in this Drive Video Review by Chris after the interview is just short of astounding!

Harris almost looses his lunch! 850HP!


My very entertained best-

Thomas J. Thias

Oops, sorry my friend to interrupt your mini thread! I do however remember you from when you were on the fence, deciding what to buy over at GM-Volt!


Thomas J. Thias


Perhaps many of you are missing a major observation of this video. — It’s wha oft happens to a gearhead like myself when confronted with everyday realities. While many people stay set in their old ways, it’s always fun to try something new. It helped this tester had a friend who owns one and brags about it’s gas savings. Curious types go try driving EVs and PHEVs, and thinkers realize this is an EV without typical limitations. It is truly brilliant, and everyone knows it’s no performance car. To me, my Volt is so much better than BMW’s i3. That being said, I know people who do commute over 200 miles wherein perhaps a Prius is a better investment. Were Volt to have three-across seating in the rear, sales would surely be more brisk. Folks who’ll go out and blow money on an i3 do so for it’s gadget factor and “prestige” ( ?! ). If you strictly do the books and your commute is near, above or around the average suburbanites, you just can’t recover that BMW premium you’ll pay for the little plastic car with suicide doors that seats 4 and charges you $4,000 for a 2cyl motorbike… Read more »