Video: Chevy Volt is Obviously a Piece of Junk That Catches Fire – Humor


*Contains NSFW language and some possibly offensive humor.

Chevy Volt is Obviously a Crappy Car...LoL

Chevy Volt is Obviously a Crappy Car…LoL

“Mild adult language. This is a summary of the typical exchanges between me and Volt and electric vehicle haters online.”

Says the video description.

Yes, we’re aware that this video is rather old, but it’s still so true and so humorous that we just had to share it.

Plus, it’s only got 2,000 views, so obviously most plug-in vehicle owners have not yet seen this guaranteed-to-make-you-laugh video.

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Yep… I’ve heard every single argument brought up here, and then some. This video would have been a lot more tolerable to watch had the voices not been synthesized. Get a couple of people to record the audio and it would be a lot better.

Xtranormal has a lot of these, it’s sort of what makes them known now. People simply make their own videos like this by typing in the text for the characters to say.

Here’s one on Quantitative Easing that, I’d argue, is even much more hilarious:

Yeah Xtranormal was great. It’s sad that the owners shut it down.

I didn’t realize they shut it down, that’s a bummer.